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How to design packaging that will make the consumer fall in love

Packaging is a strategic sales tool used for giving your product personality, setting it apart from your competition and supplying it with a look of quality in the eyes of the consumer. According to the Promotional Marketing Association, when price is not the issue for a consumer, the factor that most influences his/her decision to buy is the design of the container or packaging. After price come trust and curiosity. With this data, the importance that packaging design has for marketing directors becomes self-evident.

From a marketing point of view, packaging is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to competing at the point of sale with other products in the same category. It is precisely when we are talking about homogeneous products with very similar pricing that packaging becomes especially relevant. Calling the consumer’s attention at the point of sale is crucial for him/her to consider a product. So if we are able to entice the consumer with the packaging design, we’ve got it made. At Rieusset we know this well; do you want to find out how we do it? We’ll tell you about it today.



According to the “Color impact on marketing” study developed by the University of Winnipeg in Canada, up to 90% of the quick judgements made of products can be based on the color, depending on the product. Another investigation called “Exciting red and competent blue” revealed that the intention to purchase is affected in a great degree by colors due to their effect on how a brand is perceived.

The combination of colors allows us to influence consumers by making the products attractive and memorable for them. It is a fact that colors affect people’s emotional states and moods, which makes the job of marketing easier. Having said that, we recommend not using more than three colors when creating a visual identity and always letting yourself be advised by professionals when designing the packaging for your products.


The use of images when designing containers and labels can help to attract more clients. The majority of consumers prefer to make up their minds about a product based on the images instead of by reading the text. The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words holds true. Therefore, the image is an essential element when designing containers and labels. Nevertheless, that image must be in line with the brand’s personality in order to achieve an adequate positioning in the mind of the consumer.


A good packaging design must respect the brand’s qualities also through the chosen font. Apart from knowing how to choose the words that give the consumer as much information as possible regarding the product in question, the idea is that consumers may thereby place the product at a glance, in order to make the decision to buy easier.

Nowadays the challenge lies in setting the product apart from the competition at a glance, having it stand out at the point of sale and getting the consumer to fall in love with it, making other items that influence the decision to buy secondary, such as for example, the price. To achieve this, apart from keeping in mind the colors, image and font used in the design of the packaging, other elements that make up the corporate image of a brand must be considered, such as its logo.

Additionally, a good design will also have an impact on the internet and in social networks. According to a report by MS Packaging, 29% of all consumers look for more information about products through the social media, 20% follow the profile of their favorite brand, while 22% voice their opinions about product packaging on the Internet and 18% post opinions on brands and containers.

Now you know the indispensable elements that have to be kept in mind when developing the design of a container so that the consumer may fall in love with it, and make your product stand out from the rest. Follow these recommendations, let yourself be advised by design professionals and your products will achieve the position they deserve.

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