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Digital printing: Rieusset’s commitment

At Rieusset, where we have recently celebrated our 150-year anniversary, and in the GEROSA group, we have constantly been adapting ourselves to the needs of our customers and to those of the market. Thus, although we started out in 1870 using lithography, we soon changed to offset, and around the 1950s we added rotogravure–the technique we still use today– driven by one of our main customers who requested the use of this process.

For many years we worked side by side with the offset and rotogravure processes and we are now starting a new era in which we will use rotogravure together with digital printing.

Why this investment?

At Rieusset we are accustomed to large print runs where we can offer high print quality and in which we always aim for impeccable service. However, the market is now demanding smaller print runs, with shorter lead times for products that have very short life cycles and which involve many changes.

The market lives in a constant struggle to reach the consumer. Increasingly there is a greater variety of products, subject to constant change and with a tendency towards a high degree of personalization. At Rieusset we realize that the answer to these needs lies in digital printing technology, since with rotogravure it is not possible to respond in a satisfactory manner, not just concerning lead times but also with regard to something that is as fundamental to this market as price.

impresión digital

Advantages of digital printing

In comparison to conventional techniques such as rotogravure, flexography or offset, digital printing:

  • Does not need cylinders or plates to transfer the ink.
  • Has a very short changeover time and.
  • Very reduced scrap amount.

All of this makes it ideal for short print runs.

Furthermore, it is the only existing technique that allows personalization as well as variable information.

What markets? Which products?

Digital printing in and of itself has no limitations.

With digital printing it is possible to print on all types of printing media and throughout the entire range of thicknesses in order to supply all the products manufactured by Rieusset in the markets where our customers operate, and even on media and thicknesses that may be required by products which we do not yet manufacture.

This means that we can print labels as well as flexible packaging for the food, hygiene, drinks, tobacco and pharmaceutical markets, among others.

In any event, the limitations of the products to be manufactured would come from the special requirements of these products or the customers themselves.

With this investment, the GEROSA group, and therefore Rieusset, is able to offer its labels and flexible packaging not only in rotogravure and flexography but also in digital printing.

digital packaging and pinting by Rieusset

Are you interested in enjoying its advantages?