Digital labels for testing the market

Before launching a product on the market, a good many consumer brands carry out quality, presentation, size and user experience tests, in order to assure their success.

The goal is to minimize the risk that is involved in product launching, a process which is usually preceded by an extensive effort in research and development, as well as a generous advertising investment to seduce the consumer.

When taking the best decisions, in accordance with consumer preference, product packaging is not exempted from this market testing.  This is, without a doubt, one of the elements where the graphics industry must carry out its greatest technological effort so as to satisfy the increasing demand by clients and designers.

Go with digital technology!

This past month of January, together with our 150 year anniversary celebration, at Rieusset we presented the incorporation of the the latest digital technology into our activity. Digital printing allows us to incorporate all types of changes and variations in labeling, with enormous advantages regarding the conventional technology:

· Micro print runs
· Infinite variations in design
· Application of variable data for promotions and/or special events

Different studies have shown that purchase decisions are taken within the first 7 seconds. Therefore, the label necessarily has to be an element of attraction on the shelf of any supermarket, and the functionalities permitted by digital printing increase the likelihood of “your” product to be chosen by the consumer.

We should also add that these advantages and functionalities become extremely relevant when we wish to do new product launches where we intend to find out which product enjoys the largest consumer acceptance. 

All this, additionally, is done with high quality printing, thanks to the digital offset printer HP Indigo 20000. 

Labeling as a creative element

How to surprise the consumer 

In addition to the mentioned solutions, we can add the enhanced reality that affords packaging a new dimension of entertainment full of animations and games.

Possibilities of digital technology

Some real examples of brands in the sector that have applied these solutions

QR code example: Coca-cola smartlabel campaign

 Enhanced reality example: 19 Crimes wine bottle

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