Sustainability certificates

It is more and more common for companies to include in their corporate information the set of certifications they possess. Why? What do these certificates indicate? How are they obtained?

Although it is true that there is a great diversity of certificates, those that certify a certain relationship with ecology or the environment have an outstanding value. Increasingly, organizations give special importance to complying with the greatest number of environmental requirements, whether imposed by the administration or at the request of today’s society.

Why? What do these certificates accredit?

Environmental certifications certify that certain products, services, processes or management systems have been carried out with respect for the environment and in accordance with the corresponding environmental regulations. Thus, achieving an environmental certification guarantees that the company in question complies with national and/or international sustainability standards.

This aspect is fundamental for the Rieusset team. Therefore, in addition to fulfilling our work activity, we have a set of certificates that accredit that we invest in efforts to achieve work management that is socially responsible with the environment.

The benefits of being a sustainable company are many. Not only does it affect the environmental footprint, the company’s reputation or the brand image, but investing time and effort in managing our work activities in a socially responsible way guarantees, on the one hand, the satisfaction of the workers of Rieusset since we feel that we are part of a company that invests energy in managing its activity in a socially responsible way; and, on the other hand, the satisfaction of our suppliers and clients when they see that they work with an institution that has a commitment to the environment.

Thus, for the entire team, feeling that we are part of the group of companies that lead the way towards a more sustainable world is a source of great pride and satisfaction.

Our sustainability certificates

Here are some of our certificates, valid to date.

· FSC Certificate

The FSC certificate guarantees that materials and products bearing the FSC label come from responsibly managed forests. FSC issues three different types of certificates: Forest Certification, Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood, each of them related to the different stages of production.

Rieusset, due to its activity, has received the Chain of Custody certification. This is applied to manufacturers, auctioneers and distributers of forest products, and verifies that the products sold with the FSC label actually contain FSC certified materials and come from controlled sources throughout their production chain. 

· DPG Certificate 

The DPG code (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) is a code that is printed on the container itself or, in other cases, on the label that identifies it. This code is what the machine that receives the container reads to verify that a container is being introduced for which the user has paid a fee that shall now be reimbursed.

This is not a code that can be printed by any printer. Rieusset has been certified to do so for almost 10 years and thereby contributes to its customers being able to participate in increasing container collection rates in countries that use this system, thus reducing the number of containers that end up being thrown on the ground.

· Ecovadis

EcoVadis is the web platform for rating sustainability in global supply chains. The EcoVadis rating is based on non-financial management systems such as impact on the environment, labor practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. In addition, this rating is regulated by the size, location and sector of the organization evaluated.

With all this, Rieusset has been awarded the silver medal in the Ecovadis CSR Rating. 

· ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 certification – Environmental Managements Systems (EMS) is an international standard that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment through the management of environmental risks associated with the activity carried out.
According to the TÜV NORD CERT procedures, Rieusset has been certified for assuming this commitment in the different aspects of its activity: pre-printing, printing, laminating and finishing of rolls, sleeves and paper labels, metallized paper, plastic films and laminated materials using rotogravure printing, destined for labeling and packaging in the food and non-food industry.

To achieve any of these certificates it is necessary to adapt the company to a series of parameters that are subsequently evaluated by the certifiers and verifiers. Although each entity has its own methodologies, standards, etc., in order to achieve this certification, they must all have something in common: a great commitment to caring for the environment. And what about you – what value do you give to obtaining these certificates in a company?

As we said at the beginning of this article, there exists a great diversity of certifications beyond those related to sustainability. Would you like to find out which ones form part of Rieusset? Discover them here >>