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Privacy policy

  1. Basic information on data protection 
Responsible entity «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group»
Purpose Compliance with different types of requests by the User
Entitlement Consent of the interested party
Recipient Other group companies

Persons in charge of Treatment inside or outside the EU, adhering to “Privacy Shield”

Rights Access, rectification and elimination of data, as well as other rights, as explained in additional information
Additional information Additional and detailed information on Data Protection may be consulted on «https://blog.rieusset.es/»
  1. Additional information

The present Data Protection Policy regulates the treatment of personal information supplied by the User through the Web Portal (from hereon, the “Portal”) which «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» makes available to Internet users. The present Policy is part of the Legal Notice which is at all times accessible from the Portal.

The User guarantees that the information supplied is true, exact, complete and current, and he/she is responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may occur as a consequence of failure to comply with such obligation. In the case that the information should belong to a third party, the User guarantees that he/she has informed said third party of the aspects contained in this document and has obtained their authorization to supply their data to «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» for the stated purposes.

The Portal may offer features for sharing content via third party applications, such as Facebook or Twitter. These applications may collect and treat information related to the User’s browsing through the different web sites. Any personal information that is collected via these applications may be used by third party users of the same, and their interactions are subject to the privacy policy of the companies that provide these applications.

The Portal may house blogs, forums and other applications or services of social networks with the object of facilitating the exchange of knowledge and content. Any personal information that is supplied by the User may be shared with other users of such service, over which «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» has no control.

In order to offer information or services of interest depending on the location of the User, «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» may access data related to the geolocation of the User’s device, in those cases where the User’s settings permit this.

For the purposes of technical safety and systems diagnostics, anonymously or in aggregate, «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» may register the IP address (the device’s Internet access identification number, which allows devices, systems and servers to recognize and communicate with each other). Such information may also be used for the purposes of analyzing web performance.

2.1. Who is responsible for treating the User’s personal information?

Identity: «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» is a Spanish company registered with the Trade Registry of Barcelona, Tome 44667, Sheet 213, Section B-95338 and «A08011926 »

Mailing address: Pol. Ind. Santiga C/ Flassaders, 6 – 08130 Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Telephone: +34 93 718 38 11

Fax: +34 93 718 64 70

E-mail: « rieusset@gerosagroup.com »

2.2. For what purpose do we treat the User’s personal information?

«RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» treats the information supplied by the User in order to address the different types of requests made by the latter. Depending on the nature of the request, the purpose is the management of:

  1. Consults and requests for proposals submitted via the contact form established for this purpose.
  2. CVs submitted via the Portal.
  3. Participation in blogs, through comments.
  4. Electronic communications of an informative nature, according to their interests.

«RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» may develop a commercial profile based on the information supplied. No automated decisions will be taken based on such profile.

In those cases where the User registers in the Portal through the social login, «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» shall only access the User’s personal data to which the latter has consented during the configuration of access to the social network in question. Any information supplied in connection with such social applications may be accessed by members of the corresponding social network. Such interactions shall be governed by the privacy policies of the entities rendering the services. «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» has no control nor responsibility regarding such entities or the use they may make of the User’s data.

2.2.1. Information about the treatment of data for sending communications from «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group»

The data used, or supplied, in the informative and/or promotional communications are treated by «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» for the purposes of electronic remittance of information and communications about services, activities, publications and events and professionals of «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» or the follow-up and optimization of marketing campaigns carried out via the technology employed to this effect; as well as the elaboration of profiles for commercial purposes.

Consent for such remittance may be revoked at any time for any of the communications received via the mechanism set up to this effect.

The criterion for retention of personal data shall be based on the expression to the contrary on the part of the User. In all cases, the User shall be entitled to exercise his/her rights to access, rectify, limit, eliminate, transfer and oppose, directing his/her request to the mailing address indicated in point 2.1 or via e-mail to « rieusset@gerosagroup.com».

2.3. For how long will we keep the User’s personal information?

In general, the supplied personal information shall be kept for such time as is necessary to process the User’s request or until elimination thereof is requested by the User. In the specific case of CVs, the information shall be kept for a maximum period of three years, except if indicated otherwise by the interested party.

2.4. What is the legitimation for treatment of the User’s personal information?

The legal base for treatment of data is the legitimation through consent by the User.

2.5. Who are the recipients of the User’s personal information?

Only in those cases where the User requests service proposals or sends CVs via the portal may his/her data be supplied to other companies of the Gerosa Group.

In those cases where the the request by the User justifies this, identification data may be supplied to other entities affiliated to the «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» network, including those located outside the European Economic Area, for the mere purpose of meeting the request related to the target country.

Additionally, the data may be disclosed to public administrations and organisms in compliance with obligations that are directly applicable to «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group».

2.6. What are the rights of the User when he/she supplies us with his/her personal information?

The User has the right to obtain confirmation regarding if «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» is treating the personal data he/she is concerned about, as well as to access his/her personal data, request correction of any inexact information or, if applicable, request their elimination, when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

In certain cases, the User may request a limitation to the treatment of his/her data, in which case it will only be kept in order to carry out or defend claims.

In certain cases and for reasons related to his/her specific situation, the User may object to the treatment of his/her data. «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group» shall stop treating such data, except on compelling legitimate grounds or for the exercise or defense of possible claims.

In order to formulate any questions with regard to the present Policy and exercise his/her rights in the legally foreseen terms, the User must send a communication by postal mail to: «RIEUSSET, S.A., company of GEROSA’s group», Pol. Ind. Santiga C/ Flassaders, 6 08130 Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, or by e-mail to: «rieusset@gerosagroup.com» indicating the corresponding request, together with a copy of the document establishing his/her identity.