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Printing of labels and flexible packaging

Manufacturers of labels and flexible packaging

We have been in the sector of label, flexible packaging and sleeve printing for more than 150 years. During this time we have specialized in the food, beverage, hygiene, pharmacy and tobacco sectors.


Currently, thanks to our commitment to innovation and new technologies, we can offer our customers three different printing systems for their labeling or flexible packaging: rotogravure, digital and mixed (a combination of rotogravure and digital printing).


In addition to always being at the forefront of printing technologies and finishes, we work with the highest quality standards in all our processes to guarantee optimal results both in printing and in the finishes and delivery of the product. Being up to date is also one of our priorities in order to be able to advise our clients on the latest trends and innovations in labels, sleeves and flexible packaging, mainly in the field of innovation and sustainability.

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Rieusset, specialists in labeling for food and drinks

We are a company dedicated to the printing of labels and flexible packaging for the food, drinks, hygiene, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors. In our 150 years of experience we have adapted to the evolution of the market and the needs of our clients. We work to provide customized solutions in labeling and packaging for our clients so that their products may stand out.

Digital or rotogravure printing

Intelligent sourcing of raw materials

Accompaniment in creative innovation

150 years of experience in the sector

International experience

Flexible and fast service thanks to digital technology

Personalized solutions

All produced with 100% renewable energy sources

Do you want to work with a more environmentally conscious production and supply chain?


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    Flexible packaging and labels

    Printing of flexible packaging

    At Rieusset we are specialized in printing flexible packaging for food, beverage, hygiene, pharmacy and tobacco products, among which packaging for pastries, snacks, ice cream (with cold seal) and stand-up pouches stand out.


    As manufacturers of flexible packaging, our priority is to guarantee the highest quality in printing, finishing and delivery of products that ensure perfect machinability in our clients’ factories, as well as total food safety.


    But excellence in production does not keep us from being up to date with new market trends at a creative level, in terms of consumption habits and sustainability.


    Printing of creative flexible packaging

    Creativity is in our DNA, which why we dedicate a lot of efforts to finding original, innovative and creative solutions in flexible packaging.


    Thanks to the options offered by our printing systems, and specifically digital printing, we can print the most creative flexible packaging with personalized images and texts, with changing images, with unique values and numbering, with variable data, etc.


    Printing of sustainable flexible packaging

    One of the biggest market trends is sustainability, as it is an issue that is increasingly valued by both consumers and brands.


    At Rieusset we have specialized in printing sustainable flexible packaging, mainly by printing on more sustainable, more recyclable materials, with recycled content or reducing the thickness of the materials on which we print.


    State-of-the-art flexible packaging manufacturers

    With our experience and our daily research work, we can guarantee our clients the printing of innovative and original flexible packaging. We use the latest trends and market innovations in materials, printing systems, inks, varnishes, laminates and finishes. We also apply the best creative solutions so that your product stands out on the supermarket shelves and impacts the final consumer.


    At Rieusset we offer creative and technical advice to turn the flexible packaging of your products into a marketing tool with high potential.

    Printing of labels and sleeves

    In our more than 150 years of history we have developed our expertise in the printing of sleeves and paper and plastic labels.


    We have specialized in the food and beverage sector and specifically in the printing of paper labels for beers and waters and in the printing of plastic labels or sleeves for waters, wines, sauces and detergents.


    We deliver die-cut paper labels and film labels in reels or pre-cut, offering a wide range of finishes that meet the needs of the most demanding clients.


    In sleeve printing we work in the area of wines and sparkling wines, both for bottles and cans, where we have developed interesting innovations both at the creative level -we include personalized printing- and the material level, where we offer materials with a high percentage of recycled material content.


    We have the technical capacity to print labels and sleeves in rotogravure and digital. The latter is used above all when wanting to incorporate more creative solutions, such as for unique items for collecting or numbered pieces. We even offer the creation of hybrid designs, combining gravure and digital to obtain a powerful, differentiated final result that captures the consumer’s attention.


    Latest trend label and sleeve printing

    Being up to date is an obligation if we want to offer our clients an excellent service. Market trends are constantly changing, as are products and consumer habits. That is why our R+D+I department is constantly working on new materials and finishes, while the marketing department works on creative, quality and sustainable solutions for both labels and sleeves.


    Creativity in label and sleeve printing

    The creative options for labels and sleeves are multiple. We print with different types of ink, from standard to the most innovative ones for creative finishes such as phosphorescent or metallic. We also use a variety of varnishes to achieve different finishes, such as gloss or matte, among many other creative solutions.


    Printing of sustainable labels

    We make sustainable labels that are respectful of the environment, such as linerless labels or labels on recycled paper and FSC® paper. At Rieusset creativity and sustainability go hand in hand in the printing of labels and sleeves.