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Success stories in labels and flexible packaging

How do we achieve success stories in labeling and packaging?

Our more than 150 years in the label and flexible packaging sector have allowed us to accumulate experience and knowledge that we can share. Our main objective is to offer functional and innovative solutions through which we are able to solve the labeling and packaging problems and meet the needs of our current clients or new consumers.


We use the latest technology in both printing and finishing systems as well as in our materials, always keeping up-to-date with the latest market trends. This allows us to create successful flexible packaging and labels due to their innovation, performance, quality and sustainability.


In addition, all our products have creative proposals that improve the final product. We call these opportunities that combine quality, innovation and creativity our success stories and that is what you will find on this page…

Discover our latest success stories

Rieusset, specialists in labeling for food and drinks

We are a company dedicated to the printing of labels and flexible packaging for the food, drinks, hygiene, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors. In our 150 years of experience we have adapted to the evolution of the market and the needs of our clients. We work to provide customized solutions in labeling and packaging for our clients so that their products may stand out.

Digital or rotogravure printing

Intelligent sourcing of raw materials

Accompaniment in creative innovation

150 years of experience in the sector

International experience

Flexible and fast service thanks to digital technology

Personalized solutions

All produced with 100% renewable energy sources

Do you want to work with a more environmentally conscious production and supply chain?


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    Success stories in packaging and labels

    Success stories in creativity

    Creativity is in our DNA and we apply it in our day-to-day work, from advising our clients to the delivery of the final product.


    In fact, we have developed a creative consulting service for designers and marketers with the aim of inspiring them in packaging design, taking advantage of the possibilities of digital printing. In this way they themselves can create labels or flexible packaging that have a greater impact on their end customers.


    We are well aware that the presentation of a product is the key to capturing the consumer’s attention, which is why we work to achieve maximum differentiation.


    We dedicate a lot of efforts to finding original and innovative solutions for our clients’ labels, sleeves and flexible packaging.


    An example of this is the success story of Praedium Kylatt olive oil containers. Using digital printing, we have managed to create an exclusive sleeve that meets all the requirements of the order: 1,000 units (short run), diversity of colors with the exact shades (different shades of blue and gold) and covering the entire product with a single sleeve, taking into account the 70% retraction of the sleeve at the neck of the bottle.


    Digital printing for greater creativity

    Innovation is another of our fundamental pillars, and that is why we invest in the most advanced and powerful printing systems to offer the best solutions. A clear example is our commitment to digital printing.


    Thanks to digital printing we can help our clients create the most successful and effective ideas to achieve their goals, such as standing out on the shelves to improve sales or create a brand: limited editions, multiple different designs for events (festivals, competitions… ) or special dates (Christmas, Valentine’s Day…).


    We love working together with marketing teams to collaborate on the creation of the most creative solutions and make their product packaging a success.

    Success stories in sustainability

    Consumers, companies, institutions and all kinds of interest groups are increasingly aware of sustainability.


    There is no doubt that sustainability, and especially that related to packaging materials, is transforming society and its consumption habits, becoming an essential requirement for our clients and their consumers.


    We work with our clients to transform the labeling and packaging of their products, incorporating new, more responsible and sustainable solutions.


    Sustainable changes

    Thanks to our investment in innovation, we can use more recyclable materials, with higher recycled content, with better packaging thickness or lower label weight, use less polluting inks, in addition to optimizing our processes, etc. in order to achieve success stories in more sustainable labels, sleeves and flexible packaging.


    An example of this is bouillon cubes. At Rieusset we have homologated a much more sustainable solution for the paper wrapper of bouillon cubes. It is a change in the structure of the material, where we have replaced the material made up of aluminum and paper with a single-component structure based on metallized paper. This reduces the environmental impact of the product, since the unit weight is reduced and the lamination process between aluminum and paper is eliminated, which, in turn, allows our customers to reduce the impact of their carbon footprint.


    Success thanks to sustainability

    Having packaging and labeling that is innovative, functional and creative but also sustainable is the perfect combination for your product to stand out on the shelf. Not only because it is something that adds value to the brand, but because it is what consumers are increasingly demanding.


    Is there any better reason than respect for the environment for your packaging to be a success story? At Rieusset we help you achieve this, advising you and finding the best solution for your product.