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Sustainability in labels and flexible packaging

What is our approach to sustainability in labeling and packaging?

We believe that social and environmental commitment should be part of our purpose as a company. That is why sustainability has always been one of Rieusset’s fundamental pillars.


In the field of label printing and flexible packaging, we focus on the materials used and their recyclability, opting for recyclable materials or materials with recycled content. For this reason, we work with 100% recycled or FSC® paper or with plastics with recycled content. In the case of multilayer products, we work with monomaterials.


Keep reading to find out about our latest developments in the field of sustainability in labeling and flexible packaging.

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    Sustainability in packaging and labels

    Sustainability in packaging and labels

    In the Gerosa Group we consider that there are five areas of sustainable development that are based on the creation of: lighter packaging solutions, solutions designed to be recycled, certified compostable laminates, packaging that contains recycled plastic, and paper and paper-based packaging.


    By applying these innovations, we make our clients’ flexible packaging and labels increasingly more sustainable.


    Committed to sustainability

    We continue our path towards reducing the environmental impact by working with increasingly recyclable or compostable materials and acting on the production process to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions into the atmosphere.


    In addition, in recent years we have found that consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability, wherefore we are incorporating new materials that are more respectful of the environment, materials that help their recyclability or that contain recycled material.


    At Rieusset we are committed to sustainability and we respond to this market trend, offering our clients sustainable solutions in labels and flexible packaging.


    Sustainable solutions in labels and flexible packaging

    We print labels and flexible packaging on the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper, FSC® paper, linerless labels, plastic and thinner paper, etc.


    But sustainability is not only the focus for the product we make but also in our processes, so that we control, reduce and recover our emissions, the waste we generate. All to reduce our carbon footprint.


    Sustainability certifications

    To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we have achieved certification by: ECOVADIS -with a platinum medal-, FSC®, SEDEX and CDP, among others.

    Our goal: reducing our carbon footprint

    The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is among the objectives of the UN agenda for 2030, and among ours as well.


    One of our main purposes in terms of sustainability is reducing our carbon footprint. We have spent years applying improvements and promoting initiatives to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment, trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.


    Sustainable actions to reduce our carbon footprint

    To reduce our carbon footprint, we rely on technologies and production processes to reduce energy consumption, emissions per unit of product and increase the share of energy from renewable sources.


    As of September 2020 we purchase 100% of our energy from certified renewable sources.


    We have taken measures to offer products that are increasingly in line with the circular economy concept: new materials, eco-design, recovery of packaging at the end of its useful life, etc.


    We minimize our waste or recover it, in addition to constantly optimizing products, processes and transport.


    Internally, we work to raise awareness and sensitize each of our workers, creating a more sustainable and respectful philosophy with the world in which we live. In addition, we buy local products whenever possible.


    When our equipment and machines are not in operation, we turn them off and use natural light whenever possible in order to save energy. And of course, we avoid taking any unnecessary trips.


    These are just some of the actions to reduce our carbon footprint; we carry out many more, all of them connected with our purpose as a company, which consists of having a more sustainable, safe and healthy future for all.