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Innovation and technology in labels and flexible packaging

What do we do in the field of technology and innovation in labeling and packaging?

We live in a world that is constantly changing. New brands, new markets, new types of consumer and consumption habits appear… Everything changes, and the only option is to adapt, be updated and renew.


At Rieusset we are very aware of this, which is why constant innovation in the pursuit of excellence in label printing and flexible packaging is in our DNA. We consider innovation as a fundamental pillar for the growth of the company; it helps us to be permanently updated in the printing sector, to improve our offer –adding new materials, finishes, printing systems– and to offer a better service to our clients as well as high quality standards in all our products and processes.


Since our beginnings we have invested in innovation through new technologies, and in recent years we have made a significant commitment to digital printing, the digitization of processes and the conversion towards a more competitive, efficient and sustainable industry 4.0 model.

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We are a company dedicated to the printing of labels and flexible packaging for the food, drinks, hygiene, tobacco and pharmaceutical sectors. In our 150 years of experience we have adapted to the evolution of the market and the needs of our clients. We work to provide customized solutions in labeling and packaging for our clients so that their products may stand out.

Digital or rotogravure printing

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Accompaniment in creative innovation

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    Technology and innovation in packaging and labels

    Digital printing

    One of our boldest moves in terms of technology and innovation in recent years has been the incorporation of a new printing system.


    Until a few years ago we offered rotogravure printing, but in 2019 we made the decision to incorporate a digital printing press on which we can print both labels and sleeves or flexible packaging. In this way, we can now offer our clients rotogravure, digital and mixed printing.


    Why are we committed to digital printing?

    Market trends have changed greatly in recent years. Currently, products have increasingly shorter life cycles, customers respond more and more to specific promotions and, above all, to the personalization of their products.


    Our response to this situation has been to bet on a printing system that facilitates creative solutions in the packaging of products aimed at these “new consumers”.


    What are the advantages of digital printing?

    Digital printing can help businesses stand out, attract and differentiate themselves; that is why Rieusset has opted for this printing system.


    Digital printing is a fast and agile system that gives us the ability to offer a large number of graphic variations to our clients: printing of unique codes, QR codes, mosaics, unique designs for short runs, etc. But, above all, it allows full customization of labels, sleeves and flexible packaging, which opens the door to endless original and creative options.


    The technical characteristics of digital printing facilitate the creation of flexible packaging, sleeves and special labels that stand out, since they allow the product to be personalized with different creativities.

    Industry 4.0

    The fourth industrial revolution is a reality; it is here and it is here to stay. Rieusset has always been committed to innovation and this has led us to make a firm decision towards industry 4.0, developing an ambitious plan for this new philosophy that affects all company departments across the board.


    What is industry 4.0?

    It is a management philosophy that aims to respond to the demand for 100% personalized products by customers. It affects all processes and applies state-of-the-art technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity…). In other words, industry 4.0 is a very powerful tool to improve the competitive capacity of the company.


    Our commitment to industry 4.0

    New technologies, and specifically the adaptation of elements of industry 4.0, help to process massive information, improve production efficiency, increase performance control and production quality. In addition, the automation of scheduled operations improves the ergonomics of work and limits human intervention tasks, avoiding exhaustion due to repetition of work that does not require specific professionalism.


    At Rieusset we are not satisfied; we know that we can always improve and for this reason we have developed an ambitious plan.


    One of the projects implemented is the paperless factory, which aims to ensure that all documentation used in the production environment is in electronic format.


    We are also committed to being a hyperconnected factory, in which all the machinery is connected to each other and to suppliers and clients.


    And of course, we have the goal of being a cybersecure company, guaranteeing maximum security in all our computer processes.