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Win Win

Surely we all remember those moments during recess at school when our biggest worry was to get that card that was still missing in our collection. And how did we go about doing so? By swapping one that a buddy had repeated for one of ours he didn’t have, of course! This could be an example of a Win-Win situation in which both parties benefit from a mutual agreement.

Let’s look now at the business definition of the term Win-Win, similar to the previous example but a bit more technical. The idea itself is as old as humanity itself and is about synthesizing the base on which to establish a relationship which aims at being a lasting one. “Its objective is to achieve a benefit for all parties,” the “parties” being companies, distributors, sales channels or implicated consumers.

This philosophy can be applied in many different fields, but it serves equally well in all of them – negotiations, marketing, commercial relationships. We could even apply it to our daily lives and personal relationships.

I would now like to give you some examples of how we try to apply this philosophy in Rieusset. We have various ways to acquire commitments with our customers, looking for a Win-Win relationship. For this it is crucial for both parties to be willing to make efforts to achieve a common good. The final result of this effort will mean improvements for both parties.

  • Through better order planning we can reduce delivery times.
  • By making larger production volumes with various deliveries we are able to improve simultaneously price and delivery times.
  • We can reduce costs by looking for improvements in designs or adapting them in order to reduce the number of colors.
  • Combining various models of the same format.
  • Optimizing the raw materials being used; if we reduce thickness we can improve price and consumption.

There are many examples and possibilities, which is why in Rieusset we always try to keep an open mind towards the different needs posed by our customers.


We are transparent at all times. Transparency or honesty is basic to creating a lasting Win-Win relationship.  When faced with an obstacle, we do not try to look for someone to blame, but rather we  try to find a solution that offers alternatives or different options. Of course, for the Win-Win relationship to work an essential factor is complying with the agreements reached, since if we stray from what was agreed, one party will be negatively affected, generating a lack of trust which will prevent the relationship from prospering.

At Rieusset we subscribe to this work philosophy with our customers since this way both parties feel good about the agreements reached. This allows us to improve every day with regard to the services we can offer and create long-term relationships with our customers.

From here I urge you to believe in this relationship model which is so beneficial to all parties and which gives such good results. I would like to say goodbye until the next post with a quote by Zig Ziglar, who was an American  writer and motivational speaker.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.



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