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Advantages of offering continuous training

In Rieusset we see training as an essential part of corporate growth. Although it is true that our daily routine and complying with objectives can cause us to neglect professional retraining and the acquisition of new knowledge, for several years now we have been committed to continuous training through the implementation of an annual training plan.

This allows our workers to improve their knowledge and skills, evolve in their professional trajectory, develop on a personal level and comply with the current regulations.


Before starting the year, each person in charge of an area, depending on the educational needs of their personnel, proposes a range of training sessions that are compiled by the Human Resources Department and afterwards analyzed by Rieusset’s Human Resources Management and General Management. With the aim of improving competencies and progressing in daily activities, those training proposals that are approved become part of the annual training plan.

Additionally to the programmed training sessions, during the year we carry out other training sessions that derive from the specific needs of the different production processes or from opportunities.


  • More than 95% of the training sessions take place during working hours: This guarantees the participation of all workers while respecting their work-life balance. This requires an organizational effort on the part of the company, keeping in mind that 70% of Rieusset’s employees work in rotating shifts. Therefore, perfect coordination between the personnel, production and planning departments is needed in order to organize the training sessions and anticipate the repercussions of any subsequent production stops.
  • Improving the transmission of knowledge within the organization: the majority of training sessions are given by in-house staff, which gives us first-hand knowledge of the new techniques that are implemented in the organization, and consequently allows us to reach a more solid level of knowledge of the changes, advances and improvements in Rieusset. We would like to highlight that for specific training sessions, external professionals and companies that specialize in the subject are also contracted.
  • Improving transversal and specific skills: we offer training in transversal as well as in specific skills in each area in order to improve the knowledge that is necessary to comply with the various professional roles.

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  • Improving workers’ motivation and implication: continuous training motivates workers since it is beneficial to their personal and professional development, while at the same time it allows Rieusset’s culture to be transmitted, which consequently leads to higher implication with the company and their professional roles.

For those of us in the team working on the development of the annual training plan it is crucial to know the evaluation of the training sessions. For this reason, after these have been carried out, they are evaluated according to two points of view:

  • Global satisfaction of the employee who receives it and the trainer who gives it, through evaluation questionnaires.
  • On the efficiency level, with regard to the objective determined in the training. In this case, it is the person in charge of the area who has to evaluate it.

During the year 2018, in Rieusset:

  • We have carried out 5,654 hours of training.
  • 128 workers have been trained. This corresponds to 100% of the workforce.
  • An average of 44.17 training hours per worker have been given.

Thanks to all this training, we have corroborated that training does not imply a cost for the company but rather an investment which gives us benefits on the corporate level as well as vast organizational growth.

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