Our method for meeting deadlines

Planning is an essential element for keeping an orderly and easy to manage work pace. In this way, when establishing its business purpose, and therefore its goals and annual objectives, every organization should consider planning as a management tool that is essential for reaching these.

A good planning strategy aims to define each and every one of the steps that must be implemented to guarantee the success of any action. Planning allows us to prevent problems that might be caused by external effects and consequently to overcome any outside adversity that may arise.

In Rieusset we consider that planning is a valuable and essential element for all organizations. Therefore, when offering our services of manufacturing labels and flexible packaging, we supply our customers with an additional service of annual predictive planning.

How do we do this?
Based on our customers’ order history we are able to make a statistic future prediction, which allows the customer to handle each and every one of their needs successfully.

For this we consider different indicators, such as:

Analysis of the history of placed orders.
Key dates of recurring orders (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
Review of the seasonality in which a greater number of customer requests were made.
● The type of materials used in previous orders.
● The specific needs manifested in the history of customer requests.
● The incidents handled in previous years.
● The evolution of the customer’s brand image and their occasional promotions.

After carrying out this analysis, we start the predictive planning. This allows us to:

● Plan the stock reserve of raw material such as polypropylene or paper, and store it at Rieusset. Through this we are able to have enough stock to handle the annual needs and as a consequence, work with shorter delivery times.
● Optimize the printing quality, thanks to the in-house pre-printing department, which is able to collaborate in the aspects of design and printing possibilities.
Minimize the extra costs and risks derived from emergency procedures throughout the entire process (overtime, urgent deliveries with the subsequent costs, risks of error at any point of the supply chain, etc.).
Plan the production needs that allow us to guarantee that the final product reaches the market on the target dates. And consequently, avoid any arising issues such as an alteration of delivery times and reduction in quality of the service.

According to the internal analyses carried out, this service has allowed Rieusset to comply with delivery times in nearly 100% of orders.

In Rieusset we work with the aim of knowing our customers in depth and obtaining a global view of their needs so that we may become their strategic partners and help them reach their annual objectives successfully.