Sleeve labeling: the solution to set yourself apart from the rest

In the world of packaging, as in life itself, first impressions are crucial. Studies have been carried out that analyze the time it takes us to make an initial assessment of something, and according to these, sometimes this is a matter of seconds. 

Therefore, you need to set yourself apart right from the start. When we send an email, we must generate interest in the subject matter, otherwise the recipient will probably not even open the message; in a television commercial the first five seconds are the key to preventing the viewer from switching channels. 

The packaging sector is not exempt from this theory. As we have commented in earlier blog posts, we find ourselves submerged in a highly competitive market where it is not enough to have the best product, but rather it is fundamental to be able to attract attention. Therefore, brands are more and more aware of the need to work the product image.

How can we do this? Today we present you a labeling solution with which to capture the potential consumer’s attention: sleeves

What is a sleeve?

The sleeve is a type of labeling, generally used for bottles and food products, that adjusts itself perfectly to the shape of the product and dresses it up with an eye-catching, versatile and very decorative result. 

The way this is done is quite simple. The film or sleeve is put over the container, and through the application of heat by means of a heat tunnel (in the majority of cases these are steam tunnels), the label adapts itself to it.

(Image by Rieusset)

Its many advantages

A visually attractive appearance makes a memorable impact. This is the great advantage offered by sleeves, but by no means the only one. Below we present the five main advantages of this type of labeling: 

Multiple creative possibilities: sleeves are an ideal medium for many colors and can be printed with diverse letter types, which allows to create versatile designs that convert the label into an unsurpassable decorative and advertising element.

360º adaptability: they cover the entire product, thus facilitating the option of increasing the amount of information you wish to communicate. At the same time, they adapt themselves perfectly to the shape of any container. 

Resistance and safety: the material they are made from is more resistant than others, wherefore they supply the product with increased safety. 

Multiple applications: this is a type of labeling applicable to any sector (cosmetics, food, drinks, pharmaceutical, etc.). 

Brand positioning: their original and creative design provide optimum brand image, in this way making it possible to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Now that you know their main advantages, sleeve labels can have different functionalities…

Decorative: the possibility to create eye-catching designs whose shelf appeal capture the attention of the potential client at the point of sale. 

Promotional: they can be used to promote something specific, be that a 2×1 offer, a discount, a new product characteristic, etc.

As a guarantee: they can be used as a guarantee seal for some products, since it is neither fast nor easy to break the film. In this way it can be avoided that the product is opened, wherefore they serve a safety seal. 

A solution for all sectors

Where do your eyes go?
With this image we become aware of the huge variety of products that we find on the shelf of any establishment, and how many of these have the same characteristics!

The offer is so great that brands know they need to be creative in order to be chosen. Following we will see three examples of how to be creative, thanks to sleeve labeling. 

Font Vella: the company joined the eagerly awaited release of the film Frozen and launched a special edition dedicated to small children. The collection depicted each one of the film’s characters. Surely any one of these bottles can be found on many a child’s night table. 

(Image source: Danone.es).

Libalis:  this brand of wine, instead of affixing the standard label to its bottles, decided to personalize different bottles of the same product. Bearing in mind its tastes, the brand created designs with which the consumer could identify the taste of the product by just looking at it.  

(Source: solucionespackaging.com)

Sangría Lolea: its sleeve full of polka dots identifies it so well that it not only stands out above the rest of sangrías, but even without the name, the label’s personality works as branding. What’s more, doesn’t it transmit to you the feeling of a cheerful, fresh and festive drink?

(Source: solucionespackaging.com)

After seeing these three examples, if you saw them in a supermarket, would you take any of them home? These cases don’t have to be the only ones. Try sleeve labeling and be the chose one! 

We will help you take the first step

At Rieusset we put our entire team of professionals at your disposal to provide you with advice regarding the best labeling solution for your products. If you decide to go with the sleeve, you have a world of creative possibilities within your reach. What are you waiting for?

Consult us and we will help you become the king of the supermarket shelf.