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Etiquetas promocionales Halloween

Promotional labels for Halloween


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Promotional seasonal labels

 There are times of the year that are perfect for creating special labels. More and more brands are opting to bolster their marketing strategy by adapting their packaging design to an important event such as  , Saint Valentine’s Day, Easter… .  And this is certainly an action that generates a great impact and undoubtedly  of the buyers when they go to the supermarket.

What’s more, current technology, specifically digital printing, facilitates the creation of these special seasonal labels or limited edition labels, since it allows to personalize the product with new creativity and adaptations.


Labels for Halloween and its variations around the world

One of the best times of the year to make special seasonal labels with unique designs (above all for the sweets sector: chocolate, treats, candy, etc.) is October 31st, which coincides with the well-known celebrations of Halloween, the Day of the Dead, All Saints’ Day, the Castanyada … according to the tradition of the country or community that celebrates one or the other of these.

Below, we will show you a compilation of the most creative ideas for the special Halloween and Day of the Dead editions, the two most popular celebrations around this time of year. Don’t miss it!


Promotional labels for Halloween

– M&M’s. This brand of chocolate and peanut candy is famous for its fun and colorful characters. For Halloween, they have created a limited edition where the characters appear dressed as vampires, mummies and with a scared face. Without a doubt, a very fun option.

Regarding the design, the flexible packaging for Halloween that they have created has the typical imagery of this holiday, such as pumpkins, bats, cobwebs and ghosts. They have even changed the colors of their candies for Halloween-themed ones: black, purple, orange, green and white.



– Kit Kat. The famous brand of chocolate has created a limited edition of its flexible packaging for Halloween only available in Canada, the Nordic countries, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Kit Kat has also opted to modify its well-known chocolate product into mini chocolates with Halloween-themed shapes such as witches, Draculas, mummies, bats and even Frankenstein himself.

For the Halloween packaging design, the new product is shown with backgrounds of this theme such as a cemetery, an enchanted forest or a haunted house—without neglecting the brand’s corporate color, red, combining it with the typical Halloween orange and purple.


– Kinder. Kinder’s delicious chocolate and milk bars have been dressed up for the scariest night of the year. The brand has created the Halloween Kinder edition, consisting of different types of chocolate products with a terrifying theme.

Monsters, pumpkins, cobwebs and bats decorate the packaging of their products, making them perfect for a fun “trick or treat” night. But above all, they attract the attention of young and old alike.


– Haribo. Who hasn’t eaten the famous Haribo bears? This time, the candy brand has dressed up its iconic bear in a witch hat and decorated the flexible Halloween packaging with terrifying pumpkins and ghosts.

In this case it is a flexible packaging with a transparent part that allows you to see the products inside, with a Halloween theme for this occasion.

Etiquetas promocionales estacionales

Via Haribo

Promotional labels for the Day of the Dead

Just as in the United States Halloween is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays, in Mexico it is the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. Let’s look at some of the more original limited-edition ideas that have been created for this event:

– Victoria beer. This brand has created a special edition for the Day of the Dead: Victoria Cempasúchil. A beer created with cempasuchil extract, a flower native to Mexico that is known as the flower that connects the world of the living with that of the dead.

The design of the sleeve label for the Day of the Dead they have created for their beer cans is mainly black. What stands out the most is the design of the ancestral cempasuchil flower with bright colors in the center of the can. A very original design that is sure to catch the attention of beer lovers, collectors and especially those who are eager to celebrate the Day of the Dead.

– Jose Cuervo tequila. This year, the Mexican tequila company Jose Cuervo has collaborated with famous artist Mictlart to create a special edition for the Day of the Dead.

It is a bottle sleeve with a metallic silver finish. Its bright colors make it a very striking, creative and original bottle. In addition, it uses skulls, something typical of Mexico especially on the Day of the Dead, which is a perfect attention-getter for buyers.

– Cheetos. The well-known brand of potato chips also used this occasion and created a limited edition for the Day of the Dead called Kalaketos. These new cinnamon-flavored Cheetos are shaped like a skull, an icon of this holiday.

The brand changed from the characteristic orange color of its bags to fuchsia pink and painted the face of its mascot like a skull. In addition, they used inks that glow in the dark to create a very original packaging.


Etiquetas promocionales estacionales

Vía Walmart

Promotional labels for the Castanyada and the Magosto

In the region of Catalunya, the Castanyada is celebrated on these same dates. It is a feast that brings together family and friends to eat roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes, panellets and drink muscatel. The streets fill with stalls selling roasted chestnuts and families and friends gather to eat them.

In other parts of Spain such as Galicia, Cantabria, Palencia, Asturias, León, Zamora, Salamanca, Cáceres and the Canary Islands, the Magosto is celebrated, which is a traditional festival in these regions that is very similar to the Castanyada. Held at the end of October and beginning of November, it consists of gathering around a bonfire to roast chestnuts and drink wine, cider and orujo liqueur.

Some brands take advantage of this holiday to create promotional labels for special editions. For example, the FRIT brand of nuts has made special packaging for seasonal recipes such as panellets (typical sweets of the Castanyada made with sugar, egg yolk and almonds). A great way to adapt to the culture and customs of your buyers.

Labels for special events

Did you like these ideas? Do you want to adapt your global strategy to a local market? Adapting to the cultural events and festivities of the region where you want to sell is a sure winner. At Rieusset we offer you creative and technical advice to turn the flexible labeling and packaging of your products into a marketing tool with high potential.

Contact us, we will be delighted to help you.