In Rieusset we are getting better every day

“I have always done it like that!” or “Why change it if it works?” These are two clear examples of what can be heard on any given day in any company.

In Rieusset we are changing these phrases to “How can I improve?” or “Am I doing this right?” With a combination of experience that brings with it the indispensable know-how, and a change in philosophy through new techniques for moving forward, we are progressing while focusing on the present and the future.

Since the end of 2014, in Rieusset we have been using a system where each and every employee of the company can make proposals for improvement.

We consider proposals for improvement to be any idea aimed at improving something existing from the perspective of:

  • Machines or general facilities
  • The manufacturing process, keeping in mind:
    • Workplace safety
    • Product quality
    • Food safety / Hygiene
    • The Environment

One example of a proposal for improvement that was made is the numbering of the rings used for mounting the printing cylinders. These mounting rings come in various widths from 6 to 20 mm. Before this implementation, when mounting a cylinder, the operator had to use trial and error, since he didn’t know which width was needed. This resulted in an unnecessary waste of time and inconvenience for the operator. Getting it right the first time was an achievement!

Argollas para montar cilindros

We have implemented a system of proposals for improvement based on four pillars:

    • Employee participation in solving problems
    • Support for development of employee skills
    • Achieving positive effects with the implemented proposals (domino effect)
    • Continuous improvement

Its implementation was a bit difficult at first due to the novelty of the system. However, it is being very well received by the entire workforce, and currently participation is increasing greatly. In fact, in the first quarter of 2016 the number of proposals for improvement is already larger than in all of 2015. We are on the right track! Let’s keep going!

Eduard Ventosa