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Our bag full of emotions

Currently, in the area of People Management, there is a lot of talk about emotions, because it has been shown that we carry a heavy emotional load (a backpack full of emotions), and dealing with these affects our lives, and consequently our work environment.

When we talk about emotions we tend to think automatically of positive and negative emotions, when in fact all emotions are good since they allow us to protect ourselves from and face the threats posed by our surroundings. For example, lack of fear may make us take risks that might have negative consequences, or excessive happiness may make us lose our perception of reality, which could also have negative consequences.

People tend to fill this backpack with feelings and emotions, with worries, doubts, indecision, illnesses, frustrations, resignation, etc… And in many cases we are unable to see that the bag is so full that it must be emptied in order to go on, because otherwise we may arrive at an emotional block situation that would have a negative impact on how we deal with our daily lives.

Rarely do we associate a work day with emotional well-being, nor do we expect to find happiness, smiles, affection, good humor, friendship, health, safety, interest, serenity, fun, creativity, etc. in our work, because in general we pay more attention to negative events, wherefore we miss those that provide us positive aspects.


In Rieusset, to the extent possible, we want to encourage this bag to be filled with everything that brings us emotional well-being, and with this finality in mind, at the end of 2015 we created a group called the “Dynamic Group”, made up of different people from the company. This group’s mission is that of organizing activities inside and outside the work environment, with the aim of creating ties among all those who participate, thus encouraging group cohesion, and trying to have a good time while filling our bags with emotions such as happiness, smiles, good humor …

We are satisfied because we have been able to demonstrate the implication of the people that make up Rieusset in the different activities we have organized up till now and we have been able to enjoy moments full of fun and laughs in events that have allowed us to get to know each other outside the work environment.

We believe that at times an unexpected spark that is generated spontaneously and which helps us change or “refresh” our perspective will allow us to change our attitude by seeing and living in a more positive and happy way.

Freedom Rieusset

Ready and willing to fill our backpack with Happiness!