After having spent a third of my life in the same company, a few weeks ago I started to work in Rieusset. I decided it was time for a change although I was full of doubts …

Will I be welcomed in the new company?

Will I be able to adapt?

Will I be able to meet the expectations?

Will I become a better professional?

… and a lot of fears

Change, and not only on a professional level, really produces insecurity and fear.

But it made me think.

Should we be less afraid of it?

Will we stop being ourselves through change?


“People cannot discover new land until they are brave enough to lose sight of the shore” André Gide

When I considered change, the first thing that came to my mind was fear and denial: “Why me? What am I doing? Why now, when I am so comfortable?” Wouldn’t you agree that this is an attitude problem?

I have seen that my new colleagues have already written about attitude. I recommend that you read it. You’ll like it!

But we should reconsider this attitude.

Maybe this change is for the better. I will keep on being me, although my circumstances and environment have changed, and perhaps the change will be good for me.”

The comfort that comes from what is familiar to us makes us reluctant when faced with something new, and if we had a greater capacity for change, we would probably reach our goals more easily. Evolution is not possible without change. There would be no life without it.

Many companies invest money in projecting all kinds of changes: in personnel, in machinery, in philosophy and many others, and these modifications require not only monetary but also human efforts. Shouldn’t we as persons accept these changes and try to adapt ourselves to them?

I believe that we have to face the changes.


On a professional as well as personal level we should be clear about what our goals are and strive towards them decisively and with determination. Only in this way can we conquer our fears along the way.


We lose relatives, make new friends, get married, have children, separate, fall ill, lose our jobs, get old, etc. Ultimately, although we are not looking for it, change always finds us. Therefore we see ourselves obligated to change.


But how do we face changes? I have decided to do this little by little (slowly but surely) and in this way implement actions that lead me towards achieving my goals.

You cannot go from a sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon overnight. You have to prepare yourself for it, training day after day. Rushing into change is of no use; rather you have to face it with determination and curiosity, and I even think that maintaining a certain amount of ambiguity towards it is a good idea.

This is what I think allows us to reach our goals.

Christopher Columbus would never have discovered America if he hadn’t been determined in his project, and today nobody would remember him if he hadn’t tried it over and over again.

But of course, I could fail. So? If you fail it is either because you didn’t try hard enough or because the strategy to achieve your goal was not the right one.

Change is constant, adaptive. Only those who change achieve their goals.


“The biggest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making a mistake” – Elbert Hubbard


I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street

” – Stephen Hawking


So here I am working on it. I accepted my change and now I am working on dominating it instead of letting change dominate me, without looking back…

What about you? Are you ready for something different?

Joaquin Vidal