Welcome to Rieusset!

You are probably asking yourselves: why this title: “Welcome to Rieusset”? What do they want to talk about in this article?

You’ll agree with me on the importance of that first welcome, of those first days during which we receive so much information when we start a new job or join an organization and we have to begin to adapt ourselves to our new work environment.

Upon reflecting on this, in Rieusset we arrived at the conclusion that it would be very helpful to make a Welcome Handbook, which would serve as an instrument to help new employees integrate themselves better and more quickly into the company.

We started working on it, and the first version of our Handbook was born after several months of hard work.

Bienvenidos Rieusset

The Welcome Handbook was conceived as a live document, constantly adapting itself to the changes that occur throughout our organization. In it, in addition to talking about our history, who we are and what we do, we have gathered information from all the different areas of the company, as for example:

  • Code of Ethics
  • Quality, Food Safety, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policies
  • Work philosophy
  • Work conditions
  • Salary, promotions and recognition policy
  • Means of participation
  • Data protection
  • Occupational health

When new employees join the company, they are given the Welcome Handbook and it is explained to them. This is later available at all times on the company’s website.

Our experience during the time that we have been using the Welcome Handbook has been very positive, as has been the feedback that shows the employees’ satisfaction with the information they receive and the answers that the Handbook supplies to many of the questions we face when we start a new job.

The Welcome Handbook is part of the initial training we give to all workers who join Rieusset. In subsequent articles we will tell you in more detail about this initial training as well as the importance we give it.

Bienvenidos Rieusset

I hope that our experience may serve as an inspiration to you, and should you not yet have your own Welcome Handbook you may feel encouraged to make one. I am sure that just like us you will learn a great deal about your own organization, and at the same time you will facilitate the integration of your new employees.

Pilar Pintor