A more efficient and economical label with a lower environmental impact

Would you dare use a self-adhesive label without liner? And if I told you that it reduces environmental impact, is more efficient and even more economical? Rieusset produces a self-adhesive linerless label, i.e., a label that doesn’t need a release liner or backing paper, and which complies with these three characteristics.

The linerless label offered by Rieusset is printed on an innovative self-adhesive film, made up of fine siliconized polypropylene, at least 50% thinner than conventional self-adhesive material (PSL). This material has been specially designed to become a material that doesn’t need a liner, and whose structure, in spite of its above-mentioned reduced thickness, provides it with the correct rigidity needed for labeling.

The material used is a pressure sensitive material (PSL) which is transformed into a single layer material by a machine designed for it, and is then ready to be dispensed using a special module for linerless labels.

So what is the value proposal for this linerless label?

Rieusset Sostenibilidad


Mainly sustainability. Above all, if we compare it to labels that use a liner, since currently the recycling and/or reusing of liners is a serious problem.




But there are other advantages, such as:

  • A greater number of labels per reel, due to the lower thickness of the labels
  • Fewer reel changes – as a consequence of the previous point, which, depending on what each customer is currently consuming, we estimate at more than 50%, and
  • Fewer line stops, for the same reason

We can even say that, according to our studies, the time needed for reel changes is reduced by more than 70%. Since there is no liner, we do not have to make it pass through any groups of rollers.

Furthermore, other advantages are:

  • Not having to manage the waste generated by the liner because there is none, and
  • Not having to manage the waste generated by the mesh that serves as the support for conventional self-adhesive labels since this is not necessary with this type of labels.

Rieusset Ahorro en costes


In this way we will not only save 100% of the costs for managing these wastes, but in the concept of material, due to the elimination of the mesh, we estimate that depending on the design, we can save more than 10% of the material itself.



Additionally, we will also reduce transport and logistics costs, since the weight and space of the self-adhesive labels we use now can be reduced by up to 50%, thus reducing the carbon footprint by a similar percentage.

And are there any disadvantages?

We can say no, but there are two limitations:

  • The label must be rectangular in shape
  • It is not removable

… for the time being.

Let me add that these labels, as opposed to traditional PSL, can be printed using rotogravure, with the corresponding level of quality.

Would you like to know more?

If we have been able to get your attention, please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information so that you may enjoy the large number of advantages of this type of label.

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Jordi Lopez