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The importance of packaging in e-commerce

Online commerce is a reality in all corners of the world, and it is on the rise. According to the latest figures presented by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), in Spain electronic commerce made up 7,700 million Euros in the third quarter of 2017, 26% more than the previous year (article in Spanish). Among the most dynamic online sectors we find travel agencies and tourism operators, followed by air transport, clothing, hotels, land transport, and artistic, sport or recreational performances.

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e-commerce and new ways of commercializing products

New opportunities, new ways of commercializing products are appearing as a consequence of this increase of online commerce, and in particular for Rieusset, new types of containers and packaging. Not only can we highlight e-commerce in and of itself among the challenges currently facing the packaging industry – there are other challenges that revolve around it, such as:

  • Improving the consumer’s experience with packaging
  • Creating packaging that can be increasingly personalized and adapted to the needs and preferences of the users
  • Liberating the capacity for imagination with the object of making a difference among so much competition
  • Analyzing how the entire logistics chain can be improved, from production, storage or transport, to deliveries, the agility thereof and the environmental impact implied by the whole process

And, additionally,

  • Producing containers that are more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, online sales generate uncertainty and expectations in the user, who has purchased a product and doesn’t know what it will be like once it arrives. Upon delivery, it is once again the first impression that counts, and this is made by none other than the packaging. It is the first contact between the container and the consumer, it is the first impression that counts the most.

Therefore, the first thing the user needs to perceive when holding the product in his/her hands is:

  • What kind of company is it: ideal would be for the packaging to contain information about a company that is solid, sound, serious…
  • Safety: imagine that the packaging arrives damaged or broken. Our first thought is that nothing good awaits inside…
  • Quality: packaging made with low quality products inevitably leads us to think that the product inside will be the same.

We know that each product has its particularities and no two are alike on the market, although they may appear to be similar and compete amongst each other. Each product and the packaging surrounding it is going to have unique characteristics; its target customers will or may be different, as well as its values, how it is stored and distributed. This is the reason why it is difficult to classify and list the main aspects that good packaging for e-commerce should have, but we’re going to do just that.

e-commerce packaging

Following are some of these aspects applicable to all packaging for e-commerce:

  1. The product’s life cycle must be kept in mind from the time it leaves the place where it is stored, up to the moment it reaches the client’s hands: it is important to think about the transport, the temperature conditions (should it be necessary to consider these), the humidity conditions, if the product is fragile or not, etc.
  2. The material to be used must be considered very carefully: this is directly related to the environment. For this reason we try to use recycled and recyclable materials that respect our environment.
  3. Personalize it: if it includes a reference that appeals directly to the person that bought it, it would be so much nicer, wouldn’t it?
  4. Be original, my friend: touch emotions and you shall conquer. Don’t just concentrate on creating pretty packaging on the outside. It is also necessary to create emotional impact as a product is being unpacked, and how it is laid out on the inside is very important. Create a thrilling, unique and positive experience for each user so that they will remember your product.
  5. And if in addition to being pretty it’s useful? If a particular type of packaging is not just attractive but can be reused or collected, its value rises since it will stay “alive” for much longer.

Ultimately, packaging is an opportunity to transmit the values the company wants the user to perceive. Furthermore, these have to surprise and capture attention, so that we may seduce the user and create client loyalty. A happy customer is invaluable, since he/she can become a spokesperson and reach thousands more through his/her contacts in the social networks. But arriving at such a level of satisfaction is no easy task. It requires experience that that grows with every delivery; it needs a lot of time and strategic work. But above all it is achieved by listening to the customer. Only in this way is it possible to reach conclusions and come up with new ideas for improving in the future.

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