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Innovation and sustainability in the Gerosa Group

Sustainability and innovation have always been very important aspects for the Gerosa Group. By being aware of the importance of research, innovation and entrepreneurial proactivity in order to develop new solutions that anticipate coming trends in the industry without compromising the quality of the final product, the Gerosa Group Innovation Center came into operation in 2018.

The Gerosa Group Innovation Center was founded in Inverigo (Italy) to service the Group’s 5 plants, and it is made up of 4 people with different educational backgrounds, who, through different universities, research institutes and suppliers, work with the aim of creating new products, processes and/or services.

The Innovation Center at the Gerosa Group’s headquarters in Inverigo (CO).

Without a doubt, this is a project in constant evolution, due to the emergence of the Circular Economy and the continuous challenge that is posed by it (eco-sustainable packaging, recyclable as well as recycled materials, from renewable sources, reduction and simplification of materials, etc.).

Gerosa Group’s Innovation Center is led by a young and enthusiastic team whose objective it is to activate and promote the culture of innovation on the transversal level. By interacting and creating relations with universities, companies, research institutes, technology suppliers, etc., they are able to create synergies with which to define a portfolio of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

gerosa innovacion

But what does the Innovation Center contribute to Rieusset?

Unquestionably, the creation of the Innovation Center a little over a year ago has been wholly beneficial to Rieusset, since, thanks to it, the company is in contact with the ongoing changes and improvements in the area of digitalization as well as innovation on a daily basis.

One example of this is Innovation Day, which is a day dedicated to planning and presenting innovative projects, and whose second edition has been held this year. On this day, all the companies making up the Gerosa Group gave different presentations in which they showed their latest developments, innovations and improvements in the sector.

For us, as we have already pointed out on more than one occasion, investing time and effort in research and innovation is key to the optimum development of our company. Thus, the creation of Gerosa Group’s Innovation Center allows us to take a further step and offer better service in labeling and flexible packaging.

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