We invest in photovoltaic panels

Where does your energy come from? Do you know? Do you know where you can find out? In the invoice we receive from our energy supplier there is a section where they inform us of the origin of the electricity with which they supply us and that is where we can see which are the different sources: nuclear, gas, coal, natural gas, cogeneration or renewable.

In the case of Rieusset, for example, the electricity we receive comes from the following sources:

As you can see in our energy supplier’s graphic, Endesa, the part which they supply us that corresponds to renewable sources is only 10.5 %. As in Rieusset we are worried about the situtation of global warming beyond 1,5 °C which predict a severe impact on the Mediterranean countries, and since we also wish to comply with the commitment made by the European Union of consuming 32% of energy from renewable sources by 2030, we have decided to start to take control of our energy and gain energetic autonomy by producing and consuming the energy we can generate.

And why do we do this?

Mainly because of the commitment to the environment which is included in our Policy of Quality, Food Safety, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety (which can be downloaded from our blog) with which we work in our daily operations in order to diminish the environmental impact generated by our activity, and so that in this way we can add our grain of sand to slowing down climate change.

We also do it in order to reduce our dependence on the common electricity network and control our spending on energy. By generating part of the energy that we consume we also control the impact that the price of energy has on our profit and loss account.

We invest in solar panels 

We have opted for solar photovoltaic energy, a clean and safe source of energy that converts sunlight into electricity for our company. It is worth mentioning, although it is obvious, that solar energy produces none of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are so detrimental to the environment.

Not long ago I read that our planet receives enough solar energy in one hour to supply the entire planet for one year. So why not take advantage of it? Additionally, solar energy is the type that is easiest to install in industry.

For all these reason we have installed more than 3,000 photovoltaic panels on the roof of our factory, that occupy an area of 2,240 m2 and which will allow us to generate electric energy equivalent to 320 kW.

In the year 2018 we already reduced our carbon footprint by 15.5% (see the post titled A 15% reduction in our carbon footprint ) and according to our calculations, the investment in these solar panels will allow us to save 196,418 kg of CO2.

What about you: do you also contribute your grain of sand to improving the environment?

Send us what you do to reduce the impact you generate on the environment  so that we too may continue to apply improvements in our factory.

Jordi Lopez