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Connectivity. The fourth dimension

In our last post we talked about the “perfect love triangle that exists between packaging, labels and branding,” a basic and essential concept that sustains itself over time but which at the same time is not free of mutations.

At Rieusset we have been printing for 150 years, and during this time tangible elements such as the machines, the printing media, the inks or varnishes that provide the product with different effects have evolved very significantly; but in the past few years a new change has made an impact on our society, one which is perhaps not as easy to see.

Today we want to incorporate a new dimension into our basic triangle the connectivity of packaging and how this can have an impact on the brand/customer ecosystem in this digital era.

At the consumer level, the digital era has impacted fully on how we understand, communicate and consume in the world, and this has become a motor that drives product manufacturers to adapt themselves to this change.

It could be argued whether it was the consumer who brought about this change to the model or whether this was led by industry, and surely both approaches sustain themselves on solid pillars, which makes it very difficult to take a stand in favor of one side or the other; but what is completely certain is that whatever side you are on, the term “connected packaging,” which up until a short time ago  was just a marketing catchword, is becoming a necessary and useful tool within the retail ecosystem.

At Rieusset, together with a technology partner, we have developed a solution that offers the possibility of implementing connected packaging from small product runs to ones with millions of references.

We have designed a solution that allows companies to exploit product coding to the fullest, being able to focus this on different areas, depending on the goal or goals that are to be achieved.

Until today, coding was essentially based on unique alphanumeric code technology, which had to be entered onto a web platform, with a rather low added value for the consumer and the manufacturer.

Evolution of packaging connectivity

The aim of using this type of coding has always been customer loyalty and serving as a differentiating element for the choice of purchase, but it has limitations with regard to exploiting data and customer (from hereon also called user) offer.

From our perspective, connected packaging is defined as that which allows a bidirectional flow of information between the brand and the user, thus creating a relationship that enables both parties to achieve benefits.

How do we do this? We convert the label into the interface between the user and the brand, where reading the different types of information via a mobile app creates an exchange of information between the two main actors in the market.

At Rieusset, as manufacturers of labels and packaging, we supply the element with different types of coding in a hybrid way during production itself, so that it contains the necessary information to create this communication.

Available technologies

By combining two, three or all four technologies at a time, we allow two things to happen simultaneously:

  1. The customer has access to a platform on which to compile data and transform Big Data into Smart Data.
  2. The user can obtain product information at the moment of consumption and has immediate access to prizes and/or special offers.

Technical Architecture of the solution.

The channel of communication thus created can be directed on the basis of the brand’s objectives for the market, and depending on the type of product and consumer its focus can be varied, but in all cases there will be direct benefits from making good use of the information.

– Greater control of distribution.
– Better control of seasonality.
– Better knowledge of the customer.
– Better knowledge of the customer’s needs.
– Possibility to create a group of brand ambassadors.

– Clarity in the brand information.
– Possibility of direct “push”.
– Creation of a solidary profile. 

Created benefits

Connectivity in packaging opens a door to a world whose limits we do not yet know, but here at Rieusset we are with you on this journey down an inhospitable and fascinating road. 

Contact us and we will give you a demonstration of how it works.

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