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Together against Covid-19

Over the past weeks we have seen how the coronavirus, the pandemic also known as Covid-19, has caused a generalized paralysis of activity in different sectors of the economy, the shutting down of numerous commercial establishments and the confinement of citizens in their homes. All for a common good, fighting the virus and flattening the curve.

Faced with this situation, while they have been following the recommendations and norms given by the authorities, companies have started to implement action plans in order to protect their employees and minimize, as much as possible, the potential impact of the virus on their activity.

Although it is true that some sectors have been affected especially hard, the packaging industry, through various different associations, has requested that packaging be considered as priority in order to continue to supply the industries that produce essential products. 

For our part, at Rieusset as well as in the entire GEROSA Group, we have activated our contingency plans and we are applying all the necessary measures to guarantee the health of our employees and their families, as well as the supply to our customers, all of which are considered as essential businesses. 

Implemented safety measures 

To date, Rieusset has maintained its activity completely operative, and through the Crisis Committee, we are monitoring the evolution of the health of our employees and their families, as well as the effectivity of the measures we are taking. 

Among these measures are:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the premises, especially common areas and habitual contact surfaces such as tables, chairs, machine control panels, etc. 
  • Supplying all the necessary utensils for correct personal hygiene, be that through soap and water, or the option of alcohol gel.
  • Supplying personal protection equipment, such as face masks and gloves, to all workers.
  • Maintaining the minimum safety distance (2 meters) to prevent any spread.
  • Implementing teleworking for more than 75% of office personnel.
  • Holding meetings –with internal members who are teleworking as well as with external personnel– through Skype or other digital communication platforms that minimize personal contact.
  • Modifying the work shift schedules to prevent workers from coinciding and thus avoid accumulations of people.
  • Assessing daily the need for service from our service providers, in order to avoid that any lack thereof might affect our production capacity and ultimately the service we provide to our customers.

We would also like to show our gratitude to our employees so that they can see how much we appreciate their efforts to work under such exceptional conditions, for example, by sharing the positive comments we are receiving from our customers, thanking us for not failing them in these critical  times.

We continue to maintain our activity 

Over these past 150 years of history, we at Rieusset have become experts in making labels and flexible packaging for the sectors of food, drinks, hygiene, tobacco and pharmacy. 

We are already obligated by the applicable regulations to follow strict safety and hygiene protocols in our production, wherefore, for many years, all factory personnel have been wearing clothing and following specific norms that assure all the protection required by the food industry.

COVID en Rieusset

Additionally, since we are aware of the crucial nature of our work in the supply chain for essential goods and services (food, drinks, hygiene products, medication, sanitary products, etc.) we have developed a rigorous contingency plan that contains all the mechanisms and techniques that mitigate the risks to which we are exposed, offering maximum availability in the operations of our business. 

We do not want to conclude without again recognizing the effort made by the entire Rieusset team to keep our activity going, and that of all the people who participate in the supply chain, suppliers and customers, and especially that of the medical personnel that is contributing with a mammoth effort to care for those who have fallen ill, as well as all others who are involved (the police, firefighters, bakers, supermarket staff and a long list of etcetera’s) who are not always in the headlines but without whom it would be impossible to overcome this pandemic.

Together against the virus.

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