COVID contingency plan

“This has been an extraordinary year for the world’s economy, one during which coronavirus SARS has dominated the global scene and has made companies rethink business and organization. Thanks to the effort, the adaptability and the courage of all collaborators, we have been able to continue with our activity in order to satisfy the needs of our customers in spite of the containment measures of the COVID-19 epidemiological emergency.

This uncertain context has confronted us with the great responsibility of safeguarding the health of the people whose physical presence was essential in order to continue production at a time when knowledge about the spread of the virus was scarce and there was no prevention guide for the workplace.”

This is an excerpt of the letter sent by the president of the GEROSA group, Mr. Ruggero Gerosa, and the vice-president, Mr. Claudio Gerosa, to the interested parties disclosing the efforts which, along with many others, have been carried out and are still being carried out to contain the expansion of the virus on our premises and continue with our activity so that our customers may also continue with theirs.

Among all the activities that we have carried out at Rieusset to combat coronavirus we would like to highlight the Contingency Plan which was put in place several weeks ago. 

It defines three states of emergency:

to which different actions are associated with the aim of limiting the risk of contamination within the organization.

The state is identified according to:

· The number of positive cases in the company.
· The variation of cases in the company’s area of influence (Barcelona, northern and southern metropolitan areas).
· The contagion rate in Catalonia.

And, among the actions being carried out in each one of them, there are measures such as:

· How we inform interested parties.
· How we act when faced with first symptoms.
· Which PPEs we use and how we supply them.
· When we do teleworking.
· How the staff working shift interacts (among each other and with other shifts).
· What capacity limitations we define for closed spaces: meeting rooms, dining rooms and changing rooms.
· How we disinfect the workplace (in the factory as well as in the offices).
· When we allow factory visits.
· When we allow training sessions or how we do them.
· How we encourage and facilitate online meeting systems.
· Etc.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that at Rieusset, the coronavirus risk evaluation has already been carried out in all workplaces.


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This is one further step towards maintaining our business continuity  at a time of such uncertainty, with which, in addition to protecting the health of our collaborators, we are able to transmit peace of mind to our customers, who, as always can trust Rieusset as a strategic partner.

Jordi Lopez