Products are dressing up for Christmas

Christmas is a key moment for many companies and brands, since it represents a great commercial opportunity and therefore an important percentage of their sales. 

It is a classic to see that, as we get closer to the date, some brands launch exclusive products that are typical for these festivities, as for example turrones. But what happens to those products that are sold all year long? 

As the streets take on a magical air, shopping centers and stores fill up with Christmas decorations and buildings sparkle more than ever; brands are putting their creativity and imagination to the test and dressing up their products for the occasion. 

Christmas packaging covers all sectors; boxes, wrappers, labels, containers, etc., and it is crucial for brands to achieve a type of packaging that is able to infuse their product with the Christmas spirit. Why? 

4 reasons to design Christmas packaging 

1. Your consumers are waiting for it: customers take for granted that their habitual shopping establishments will carry their favorite products with a Christmas theme. The expectation is clear – does your brand fulfil it? 

2. It is a good occasion to make a new product known: Christmas is an ideal time to launch new proposals, since by presenting them with a striking Christmas packaging you can introduce them into the market more easily. 

3. You set yourself apart from your competitors: opting for a special and eye-catching Christmas packaging guarantees that your brand will stand out above the rest and is able to attract the consumers’ attention. Break away from monotony and stand out! 

4. You become the chosen one: for brands, the Christmas campaign is really all about sales. Christmas packaging helps you in this respect, since it offers an additional emotional aspect to the product and increases its demand. 

(Image source: solucionespackaging.com)

Without a doubt, when this time of the year comes around, all products want to spread the magic. 

Keys for making good Christmas packaging: where do I begin? 

Now that we know how important the role of packaging is at this time of the year, we assume that nobody questions that it is one of the most important and crucial elements with regard to the sales effectiveness of a product. We therefore present you some tips for achieving the perfect Christmas packaging. 

Use colors that transmit the Christmas spirit, such as red, green or gold. 
Identify your target audience and make packaging that attracts their attention. 
Use Christmas motifs, such as animals, Santa Claus figures or the Three Wise Kings, etc.
Be creative; this time of the year allows you to do things that at other times might not be permitted. 
Implement a call to action that motivates them to buy. 

Some brands have already done so, what about you?

Here below we show you some examples that share three characteristics: they adapt themselves to the moment, they are original and creative, and what’s most important, they manage to surprise the consumer with their labeling. Furthermore, some of them are of brands that we consume during the entire year, but which take on a Christmas style that is ideal for the season. 

1. Ron Barceló presented its new limited edition as a tribute to the snowy season. Designed by the Danish illustrator Emil Kozak, the bottle embodied Christmas elements and the “live now” spirit that the brand associates to its attitude of seeing life in a positive light and making the most of things.

(Image source: varma.com)  

2. Osjecko released a Christmas edition of its beer in small 0.25 l bottles. For this they used a simple bottleneck label design that made the bottles look like little Santa Clauses, and the habitual label was printed in red. This small intervention preserved the brand’s identity while at the same time adding a Christmassy touch. 

(Image source : thedieline.com)

3. Kit Kat dressed up its traditional red wrapper with snowballs, which at this time of the year take on a friendly and festive style. A clear example of how, through the small details, you can make a difference. A marketing strategy that works, and well.

(Fuente de la imagen: quattrocento.es)

4. Nescafé – for its Christmas campaign, they asked consumers to go to their brand’s web to propose different resolutions for the new year. After these were selected, the brand used the digital technology of HPINDIGO 20000 to print its labels. This campaign has been going on in Mexico for the past three years, and it has allowed to increase the sales of their product by double digits. Certainly a highly original Christmas present! And what is your new year’s resolution?

(Image source: peru-retail)

With all this, have you decided yet how you are going to dress up your product for this Christmas season? 

The time has come to spread the magic and transmit it to the consumers. If you are interested in Christmas packaging for your product, at Rieusset we put our team of professionals at your disposal to advise you on the best labeling and/or flexible packaging solution. 

As we have commented in the past, for us it is fundamental to work together with our clients and to be proactive in offering packaging solutions that may become sales opportunities. Therefore, one of the solutions we propose is digital printing since this allows you to make all types of changes and carry out variations in labeling with enormous advantages over conventional technology:

Printing micro-runs
Printing infinite design variations
Applying variable information for promotions and/or special events 

This Christmas season, dress up your product for the occasion!