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5 reasons to sign up for our webinar


At Rieusset we love sharing our knowledge of digital printing. That’s why we give free webinars for designers, design agencies and marketers who have clients with packaging and labeling needs.

Álvaro Jurado, our product developer specialist in digital printing, gives these webinars with the aim of showing how digital printing can help companies to stand out, attract attention, and set themselves apart from the rest.

Our specialist talks about the general specifications of digital printing, the advantages of this compared to conventional printing and job design criteria to be taken into account for digital printing.

Following we will briefly explain the most relevant points of our webinar. Thus, when you attend our next webinar, you will have in mind what we cover and how we do it.

1. General specifications of digital printing

This first section is very important for designers to keep in mind. In our webinar we will start by talking about three aspects that digital technology allows to control:

  • Total control of linearity
  • Dot gain control
  • Total control of color


Developing these three points, we can see that digital printing is ideally suited for maximizing productivity and obtaining high print quality.

2. Unique advantages of digital printing

Something to which we give a lot of importance in our webinar are the great advantages that digital printing offers:

  • Creating dynamic backgrounds: Digital printing allows for dynamic personalization with random images based on a template. At Rieusset we can use more than one template and even transparencies, shadows, blurring… Additionally, with our technology we can control the backgrounds, making them not be random, but combining three axes: scale, rotation and position.



  • Playing with dynamic elements: This consists of a dynamic personalization with random images based on key elements with different sizes and proportions. Our technology allows us to define from among the different elements that appear, where in the design area we want them to intervene, their density and their behavior.


Why is this advantage so interesting? Humans are curious by nature, wherefore, upon detecting that there are variations in the product, our eyes focus directly on the supermarket shelf.

This becomes a lot clearer with an example:

  • Variable data: We can print everything that is variable in the design. Among what stands out the most are texts, images, QR codes and barcodes. In this case, digital printing offers endless options to let the imagination fly and implement creative and original ideas in packaging and labeling.


3. Application examples

It is a practical webinar, so to finish, we will show you one of the many examples where digital printing can be applied and which appear in the webinar.

This case is an example of how digital printing can be applied in the food industry. It consists of adding a QR code containing information about the food to the labels, sleeves or flexible packaging.

Just like the famous Nutriscore code which gives the consumer information about the nutritional value of the product, this QR code proposed by us offers information about the product that is also relevant. For example, about its origin, traceability, length of time, freshness, raw material or even about the carbon footprint.

All this gives greater transparency to the product and the brand, and therefore adds more value.

We believe it is necessary to think beyond what is conventional, in a different way of communicating and designing. Digital technology makes it possible to connect the user with the brand and give current information which is increasingly in demand by the end user.

In summary, we offer a practical and dynamic webinar lasting about 45 minutes, where you can gain practical knowledge about digital printing and above all get inspired with new ideas so that your clients’ packaging and labeling may attract attention and spur new sales.

5 reasons to sign up for our webinar 

We couldn’t finish this article without first giving 5 reasons to sign up for our next free webinar on digital printing:

  • It’s practical: All the information we give in the webinar is accompanied by practical examples so as to make it much more interesting and easy to understand.
  • It’s dynamic: Our aim is to transmit our knowledge of digital printing in an entertaining and dynamic way.
  • It’s up to date: We strive to keep up to date with all the news and trends in our sector, so the information we provide is 100% updated.
  • It’s useful: We want the 45 minutes that the webinar lasts to be useful for something, which is why it is focused on sharing data and knowledge that will be of maximum usefulness for the designers and marketers who attend.
  • It’s very interesting: If you want to know how to innovate and stand out more with packaging and labeling, this webinar will be most interesting for you.


If you liked the content that we will deal with in the webinar, don’t forget to sign up for the next one. We’re waiting for you!

You may also follow us on Linkedin, where you can get information on when the next webinar will be and how to sign up, and you will also find all our new developments and those of the sector.