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Work philosophy in Rieusset

In my previous post we discussed the values in Rieusset, and continuing in this line we now want to talk to you about our work philosophy.

You might think: Isn’t that the same? According to our point of view it is. But with slight differences.

Values are the principles by which we orient our behavior. Work philosophy encompasses the entire set of values of the individuals who make up the company. And since there are so many individuals and not all of them have the same values, our work philosophy identifies those that predominate.

In Rieusset we focus our work philosophy along the entire supply chain in such a way that we are able to give our customers the best quality and service, lubricating our gears constantly and having our suppliers also align themselves to it.

ciclo pdca

All activities carried out Rieusset are developed from the perspective of continuous improvement. The PDCA -“Plan, Do, Check, Act”- cycle, created by Walter Shewhart, helps us improve what we do. It is not necessary for something to fail in order to change it. When we see an opportunity to do something better, we take it.


We center our work around three basic pillars:

  • People
  • Products
  • Processes


Rieusset is made up of more than 130 people with very wide experience in the labels and flexible packaging sector, with knowledge they have acquired over their lifetime with the company -more than 50% of the work force has more than 25 years of experience in Rieusset- and others, who have joined us more recently, bring with them the know-how they have acquired during their many years of working in other companies of the same sector, bringing with them fresh ideas that complement or help to renew the existing ones. Personal Development is an important pillar. Basic. Although the know-how exists, the speed at which change occurs in the market requires us to adapt knowledge with continuous training.

ideas para innovar

In Rieusset we are also committed to promoting product development. We have said before that our philosophy is centered around the supply chain, and this is so because it allows us to gather our customers’ needs and monitor our suppliers’ new developments. The cocktail of both elements feeds innovation, and although it is not always easy to succeed – Thomas Alva Edison invented 1000 useless lamps before creating one that worked correctly – this effort allows us to learn continuously.



The third and last -but not least important- pillar are the processes. We consider that standardization of processes is essential in order to assure at all times that we deliver the product within the specifications we get from our customers.


Attention! There are also customers who do not give us specifications. In this case, we create our internal specifications which we send to the customer so that they may have a reference.

It is worth adding that all this allows us to work on reducing costs since it leads us to revising the efficiency of the process with all its parameters such as material consumption, production speed, waste and machine stops, among others.

Product as well as market development obligates us to adopt new technologies. Not everything can be done with yesterday’s tools. Sometimes, in order to be more efficient or to offer new products, it is necessary to invest in machinery and/or facilities.

This is Rieusset’s work philosophy, the one we use to guide us in our daily endeavors and within which we all identify our own values. It is a work philosophy, which, according to the needs of the market, our customers and with the influence of our suppliers, we adapt in order to be competitive and achieve a win-win relationship, implicating all actors of the supply chain: customers, suppliers and the people of Rieusset.

Since, as we have explained, our work philosophy centers around continuous improvement, we would be delighted if you could let us know your comments so that we may continue to develop and grow. We are counting on you. Are you up for it?

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