7 reasons for implementing proposals for improvement

A little more than a year ago, we told you in one of our posts called “In Rieusset we are getting better every day”, that in Rieusset we have a system by which every company employee can make proposals for improvement.

But why do we do this? What benefits do we obtain as a company as well as on a personal level?

We present to you here the 7 reasons for implementing proposals for improvement in Rieusset:

  1. They help to increase safety in our workplace. In Rieusset accident prevention is our first priority.
  2. They insure the good quality of our products, to satisfy the needs of our customers.
  3. They encourage team work, in the search for solutions. Interdepartmental communication is crucial in order to reach agreements aimed at generating solutions.
  4. They increase the company’s production. They reduce costs for the company, which positively affects the achievement of the agreed objectives.
  5. Our commitment to the company and personal satisfaction increases. The individual benefit that we can obtain from a proposal for improvement becomes a collective one if we make the entire group aware of it. Furthermore, making proposals implies that all workers feel like an important part and we feel that we are being listened to. Our opinion is important.
  6. They potentiate our image as a company. With regard to our customers, we make them see that we are improving day by day.
  7. They lower the environmental impact through proposals that imply a reduction of energy or a reduction of the waste generated by us.

Let’s have a look at the 7 reasons in an example that groups together a series of proposals for improvement on which we are working continuously in Rieusset. It is true that we have already talked about them but it is important to emphasize them since they are a key element in any company. What are we talking about? ORDER. Rieusset occupies an area of more than 16,000 m2 where order is fundamental in order to carry out our activity as efficiently as possible.

Señalización ubicaciones Rieusset

What benefits does maintaining order in Rieusset bring us?

  1. We reduce the probability of having accidents due to elements that are not in their place.
  2. We ensure the quality of our products by having all tools on hand in order to make all necessary verifications.
  3. Among all of us we look for the best places for all items. We listen and talk to each other so as to reach a consensus.
  4. We increase our productivity by finding everything in its place, thus avoiding unnecessary stops.
  5. We feel comforted by seeing that a proposal has helped our colleagues. We contribute to everyone’s benefit and consequently to that of the company.
  6. Maintaining order, apart from being beneficial for us, illustrates our way of working to our customers.
  7. Additionally, it allows us to identify problems with the machines or facilities that could suppose an environmental risk.

And what benefits do you get from order on the professional as well as personal level?

Eduard Ventosa