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Stand out and you shall conquer

Highlight, underscore, differentiate, distinguish. All these terms are synonyms for standing out, for emphasizing something in order to try and set yourself apart from the rest. This is essential nowadays in a world in which products resemble each other more and more, practically have the same characteristics and advantages, their prices are similar, and they are sold at the same points of distribution.

Faced with the need to find that difference for our customers, this new advertising campaign for Rieusset has been created in relation to this idea. Its title is “Stand out”, and although this term by itself already suggests its meaning, we are going to explain why we have chosen this concept and with which elements we have associated it.


On one hand, helping our customers’ products be different is an essential mantra for Rieusset. And on the other hand, how we make them stand out becomes a key part to this as well.

We want our customers to stand out not only thanks to the quality of their labels or packaging, but of course also thanks to elements that are as genuine as creativity. It was from these ideas, from the union of these concepts, that our advertising campaign emerged.

The challenge for contemporary organizations is to achieve that the entire company may generate ideas and transmit them: ideas that are different and innovative, that can distinguish one company or one product from another one, and that too is our challenge, one which we want to express with this campaign.


After this first decision to choose the concept for the campaign, it was time to carry it out. And for this we decided to emulate animal behavior and their use of colors as a “weapon” to stand out above their own kind.

All types of animals, for example tigers or fish, need to stand out within their own species. They do this in order to perpetuate their species, to mate, or simply to be the leader of the group. If they want to achieve their purpose, they need to differentiate themselves from the rest.

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Rieusset translates this metaphor from the animal world to our business world. Thus we use color as a symbol of this differentiation. With the “Stand out” campaign we wish to emphasize the objective we want our customers to achieve thanks to our labels and/or packaging, and as a consequence, be chosen by the consumers.

This more emotional component turns this campaign into a a groundbreaking one within the B2B sector. With one glance it becomes apparent that Rieusset goes beyond what is conventional.

This campaign is simple but bold thanks to the strength of a single concept that is exploited in an innovative way. Ultimately, we wish to emphasize the importance of standing out in a world that is becoming more and more saturated with products. And we want our customers to achieve their place in the hearts of consumers. Stand out and you shall conquer.