Types of labels that will get you noticed

In Rieusset, we make sure that our customers’ products don’t go unnoticed on the supermarket shelves. How? Very simply. By offering them innovative labeling solutions that are full of creativity. Actually, this is not very easy at all. It is a labor-intensive process in which you have to study the market and the competition well and offer graphic  proposals that stand out, without forgetting to choose the labeling solution that fits best with the graphic proposal as well as with the attributes and values of the product and its brand.

The label is a product’s letter of presentation, and together with the packaging, one of the most decisive elements when being chosen by the consumer. Although it is true that advertising has an influence on the buying process, the moment of purchase is the most decisive one, since that is when the consumer selects one brand or another depending on the product’s price and its image, which is defined by the packaging and the label. If the label captures the consumer’s attention in a positive way, it is very likely that it will end up in the shopping cart.

Consumers’ buying behavior is largely determined by a product’s looks. Therefore, at the time of purchase, creativity of design as well as label type come into play. We are going to summarize here the most used label types so that a product doesn’t go unnoticed.

1. Adhesive labels

According to a market study carried out by the labeling association Finat, 55% of the total labeling volume are adhesive labels. Considering their wide range of applications, this comes as no surprise, since it is possible to do a large variety of engravings, lacquers or laminations. Additionally, the combination of all of these makes it possible to produce labels for premium products that need to transmit quality.

In the premium segment of wines, sparkling wines or beers, the “no-label-look” (printing on a transparent label) is always a source of attraction. Transparent labels confer great freedom of design especially in product marketing, while at the same time being very resistant to abrasion and humidity.

2. Sleeves

Decorative sleeves, also called heat shrink labels or sleeves, have become one of the most attractive solutions for transmitting a product’s image.

This type of label provides endless advantages within the commercial spectrum that with conventional labels would not be possible. Among these are:

  • Products have a high quality finish, shiny and long-lasting
  • A strong visual impact is achieved thanks to the design of the sleeve and its function of completely covering the packaging and the product
  • Sleeves allow you to use various types of packaging with much more original shapes and different surfaces
  • It is possible to print sleeves with special finishes, such as metallic effects, with relief, variable data on the back, etc.

This is the most popular labeling system nowadays and one of the most versatile ones. With sleeve labels everything is possible. Even packaging shapes that used to be considered as impossible to fit with a label have stopped being a problem. Furthermore, film is more and more elastic, wherefore material consumption is reduced.

Personalization for each type of product and for each company is a constant in today’s packaging world. The need to set yourself apart from the competition, to obtain different designs and result attractive on the supermarket shelf makes companies and directors try hard to look for new solutions in order to adapt themselves to the trends and achieve higher sales. And that is what we do in Rieusset: offer innovative labeling solutions that stand out on the supermarket shelves to influence the consumer’s decision to purchase.

Based on our experience, one of the best options for presenting personalized packaging is the sleeve. It has great adaptability and since it can be applied at 360º it adjusts itself perfectly to the bottle or container. Additionally, a wide range of designs from sleeves with minimalistic designs to more elaborate and complex sleeves are possible. Any way you look at it, from a marketing point of view, the sleeve is the ideal choice for packaging or bottles. So if you are interested in increasing your sales, get in touch with us.

Laura Arin