Stand out to survive to live longer

In a world where all products look more and more like each other and where work is done using similar technologies and materials and with qualified professionals, standing out above the competition has become a key factor worthy of consideration with which to attract customers and position your brand.

At Rieusset we are convinced that those who work in this way have greater possibilities to stand out and survive in their market. 

But how can we achieve this difference and change it into a lasting advantage?

One important part of the consumer’s decision to purchase, which even at times makes them prefer a product not just because of its usefulness, lies in the emotional field. Attractive packaging which additionally gives the customer an experience has a lot of possibilities to stand out above its competitors to get chosen. This is what is known as sensorial marketing.

When working with an advertising strategy, nowadays you cannot forget the factor of how to influence the consumer by trying to motivate their five senses. The main objective of sensorial marketing is that of intensifying our feelings and creating experiences for the consumer that make them anchor the product in their mind.

Therefore, making a product stand out does not mean anymore just being able to differentiate it due to its physical characteristics or its price, rather the emotional value that we are able to give the product will be one of the keys in its differentiation and its success.


The STAND OUT campaign

At Rieusset, through knowing how consumers act and what conditions them to choosing one brand or another, we have created the Stand Out Campaign. This campaign has been designed to show our customers that the work we do will allow them to stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest, not solely thanks to the quality of their products, but through the creativity, originality and innovation of their labels and packaging.

How did this campaign come about?

While looking for a way to present the campaign, we found a parallelism to our market in the animal kingdom, where nature uses these same characteristics in order to stand out. 

Animals live in constant evolution that allows them to adapt themselves to their environment, and in many cases, this adaptation centers on being different. This is exactly the same challenge faced not only by our customers every day, but by us as well. 

For this reason, we decided to transfer the way that nature acts to our campaign with the objective of showing our customers that their challenges are our challenges, and if they choose us as suppliers we will make their labels and packaging stand out above the rest, getting their products chosen by the consumer. In this way, our customers will achieve their objectives and persist over time.

Contact us and we will help you achieve it.