What awaits us in the post-Covid era? Let Rieusset guide you

Where are we after this state of alert declared by the Spanish government due to Covid-19? What is going to happen in the upcoming months or years?  What will the new normality be like?

On one hand, from a social point of view, the price we have had to pay has been extremely high with the large number of lives lost. Moreover, we have seen ourselves obligated to change social habits that —in some cases— may be maintained over time. 

On the other hand, from an economic point of view, it is also difficult to be optimistic. Some predict that the effect of the pandemic is similar to that generated by a war and, seeing what is happening on a global scale, I don’t think this forecast is that far off the mark.

What awaits us in this post-Covid era?

It is truly difficult to answer this or other such questions since we are still full of uncertainty and, although much is being said about how governments should make the economy move again through investments and public help, is it only their responsibility?  And even if it were, who dares leave it solely in their hands?

We have always thought that the correct attitude should be that of trying to make things happen and not just waiting for someone to do it for us. Therefore, now more than ever, we have the obligation to pull ourselves up, each one to the extent possible, so that the sum of all of us may return us to that longed for normality.

Which Rieusset do we find now?

At Rieusset we have not stopped working during the entire time of the pandemic. At the beginning, we were overwhelmed by the huge amount of daily work that combined tasks regarding how we should organize ourselves in order to continue producing (authorizations for commuting to work, hygienic measures for reducing the risk of contamination, purchasing face masks, gloves, hydro-alcohol gel, etc. and teleworking) with the increase in orders  that we had to fulfil in order to respond to the fear that had been generated in the market due to the risk of shortages. Later, and more calmly, we started to work with a certain sense of normality but surrounded by safety measures so as not to infect ourselves.

In any case, during the state of alarm, we did not stop developing any of the objectives and projects that we had running. Thus, during this time, and among others,

· We have been able to get certified for ECOVADIS,
· We have renewed our environmental ISO 14001 as well as FSC certifications and the ISO 45001 certification for work health and safety, and
· We have completed the installation of solar panels.

Additionally, we have continued to work on sustainability projects in order to offer those customers that request it alternatives to plastic (see the post “Paper Packaging: a growing trend”) and we have continued with the homologation of new materials with which to offer our customers a reduction in thickness in roll stock labels as well as in sleeves. And we have also been working on other developments, whose conclusions we hope to present in the following months, which deal with the circular economy and revaluation of waste.

All of this without forgetting to mention the great steps we have taken with the new offset digital printer on which we are already printing regularly and where we can highlight the work we did for DANONE with the printing of a special edition of labels for Lanjarón aimed at the essential groups of the health crisis.

As you can see, we have continued to evolve so that all of you who have a curiosity, an idea, a project and don’t know how to develop it may find the necessary support, help and the solution in Rieusset. 

Tell us what you want to develop and let Rieusset guide you!


We would not want to end this post without again thanking all those who have made this new normality possible. Therefore, our most sincere thanks to the health staff, the security staff, the cleaning personnel, supermarket employees, bakers and others, including YOU who, whatever you do for a living, have surely contributed your part.

We also want to use these lines to express our thanks for the help that all the companies, customers and suppliers have offered Rieusset, as well as associations that in one way or another are connected to Rieusset, especially the Gremi d’Arts Gràfiques, Graphispack, EFE, the Packaging Cluster, the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce, and so many others that even if we sometimes forget them, are there. Also deserving of our special thanks are those suppliers that we mention only rarely but without whom we could not have continued our work: DACOTA, CIA GRAL LIMPIEZAS GARVI and ALIANZAS Y SUBCONTRATAS, who have continued to provide service every day during the state of alarm. Lastly, our most heartfelt and warmest gratitude goes out to all the employees of Rieusset without whose efforts it would not be possible to carry out any of this work.

Jordi Lopez