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Interactive labels and packaging

What is interactive packaging?

Have you heard of interactive packaging? Have you ever played with, transformed or participated with packaging?

Interactive labeling and packaging is a packaging design technique that aims to generate a unique and participatory experience between the consumer and the product.

An example of this are labels with hidden codes that connect the consumer to augmented reality applications where characters or animated stories appear, or through which you can virtually interact with the product or brand in question.

19 Crimes wines with augmented reality labels that show the story of each band member.

Via Multivu

In order to achieve unique and participatory experiences, different mechanisms are used that allow interaction with the product and the brand, which helps brand recall, loyalty and many other benefits that we will see below.

Benefits of interactive packaging

Consumers receive thousands of advertising impacts on a daily basis, wherefore it is necessary for brands to find new techniques that manage to surprise them, capture their attention and create a link with the product.

Interactive packaging is an excellent alternative for achieving these objectives. Let’s take a more detailed look at the main benefits that this type of packaging provides to companies:

  • It is a unique and unforgettable experience. The first and most important benefit is that interactive packaging is an experience that generates an emotional connection with the brand and the product. This link leads to other benefits such as consumer loyalty or commitment.
  • Differentiation. If there is one thing that represents a great challenge for brands and their marketing teams, it is differentiation. This type of packaging is a sure way to distinguish your product since it stands out and offers something different from other products.
  • Viralization. Most consumers have personal accounts on different social network platforms, which is why many brands carry out different marketing actions to go viral and achieve greater notoriety. Creating interactive packaging is a very effective tool to get consumers to share their experience on social networks and thus generate greater reach and visibility of the product and the brand.
  • Added value. Interactive packaging not only contains and protects the product, but it also adds value, since it is a unique experience for the consumer.
  • Increased message retention. Last but not least, interactive packaging is ideal for reinforcing the message, the characteristics of the product and the values of the brand.


Examples of interactive packaging

There are many techniques and creative ways to create interactive packaging, some of the most common of which are:

  • Labels with augmented reality: these are labels with codes that when scanned with a mobile phone offer an augmented reality experience such as 3D animations or access to additional content about the product or brand. At Rieusset we work with licenses that allow us to print images with a hidden code that, when scanned, generates an augmented reality experience or redirects to the web.

Let’s see some examples of labels and packaging with augmented reality that have come onto the market:

    • Pepsi created a free app where exclusive videos such as behind-the-scenes footage and an interactive augmented reality football game could be
      accessed directly from the packaging.

Via Creative Bloq

    • Le lait introduced the mascot of its milk tetra packs through augmented reality.

Via Pinterest

  • Packaging that transforms itself: this is packaging that can be transformed when opened or when using the product, creating new uses and experiences.


    • Coca-Cola is one of the best-known examples of this type of packaging. In 2019, the brand launched a special edition of its bottles during the Christmas campaign. These bottles had a label that could be transformed into a bow, typical for Christmas gifts.

Via Milenio

    • Another example of Coca-Cola is its famous Festival Bottle from 2017. The brand launched a special edition transforming its traditional labels into access bracelets to some of the main music festivals in Romania. Each bracelet had a unique barcode. Through an app, the code had to be scanned to find out if the bracelet/label was a winner or not. If it was, it was ready to be used as a ticket to attend the festivals without any extra formality.

Via La Criatura Creativa

    • And for the littlest consumers, boxes of Sassafras cookies that turn into animal masks.

Via marketingdirecto

    • The Olio d’Oliva oil brand decided to make part of its label removable to facilitate pouring.

Via Pinterest

  • Customizable packaging: this allows consumers to customize product packaging according to their tastes or preferences.


    • We start off the list of examples with a very special one for the Rieusset team. During the COVID pandemic we participated in the solidary campaign “We are Extraordinary” by Lanjarón. We collaborated pro bono in the printing of their labels with digital technology, and we provided the brand with more than 2,000 different label designs for the same batch, combining different professionals from essential services with variables such as gender, hair color, clothing , etc. These bottles had a blank space so that each person could write their name.

    • Hector Kitchen, a brand of dog food, allows you to customize the flexible packaging of its dry dog food with the pet’s name.

Via Hector Kitchen

    • Another example is the Catalan wine, Moments. Consumers can write messages on the label, ideal for special occasions.

Via summa

  • Packaging with gamification: this is a type of interactive packaging that uses game elements in the design to increase the participation of its customers and improve their shopping and consumption experience.


    • The Font Vella water brand had the youngest consumers in mind when designing its 33cl bottles with sleeves showing the most beloved characters from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, etc. The bottles went from being simply water bottles to becoming a toy for kids in every household.

Via PremiumDrink

    • Another good example is the red wine El Nómada, which designed the labels of its wine bottles with labyrinths so that in addition to enjoying a good wine, consumers could entertain themselves while playing with their label.

Via Vinissimus

    • Continuing with wines, El Buscador designed its labels with word search puzzles. Very fitting indeed considering the name of the wine, in addition to providing a simple and very original design.

Via Gourmet Hunters

  • Edible packaging: some brands have opted for going one step further in innovation and interactivity by creating edible or biodegradable packaging.


    • Skipping Rocks Lab, a start-up from London, has created “Ooho” – a bubble-shaped gelatinous capsule made from seaweed that is degradable or can be eaten and contains water inside.

Via Reason Why

    • Lavazza, the Italian coffee brand, created the “Lavazza cookie cup”, a completely edible coffee cup made from cookies.

Via Pinterest

Printing specialists for interactive packaging

At Rieusset we have more than 150 years of experience in label printing. We are specialists in the printing of labels, sleeves and interactive flexible packaging..

To guarantee the highest quality, before any printing, whatever the material and format, we always supervise the adaptation of the design to the format of the container, carry out color tests and certify the quality with the client to guarantee optimal printing and perfect machinability in their facilities.

Do you want to create high quality interactive packaging? Contact us; we will advise you.

    If the topic of this post is of your interest and you would like to know what we can do for your brand, contact us.



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