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Praedium packaging by Rieusset

Praedium Kylatt: The magic triangle of collaboration

The communications agency OMA, together with the handling company Entalpia and Rieusset,  has promoted the creation of bottles for Praedium Kylatt extra virgin olive oil. Each one, from their specialty area, has contributed their experience for the development of this exclusive product. 

Rieusset, thanks to digital printing technology, has been responsible for providing the brand with a sleeve with a design full of multiple creative and printing opportunities.  

But before we unveil what Rieusset’s participation has been, let’s find out a little bit more about the product…


Praedium Kylatt: a Special Selection olive oil 

Molí d’Alcanó is a company which since 2015 has formed part of the Cooperativa d’Alcarràs (Grup Fruits de Ponent) and which belongs to the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Les Garrigues. This means that all the types of olive oil they produce are superior category extra virgin

This year 2020, Molí has come up with a new oil based on the best selection of Arbequina olives from the fields of Alcanó, the expertise of the technicians of Molí d’Alcanó and chef Oriol Ivern’s passion for  gastronomy (of the restaurant Hisop in Barcelona, with a Michelin star). We are talking about the virgin olive oil, Praedium Kylatt.

Praedium Kylatt is a ‘Special Selection’ extra virgin olive oil made from Arbequina olives from specially selected fields, harvested at dawn to preserve their freshness and cold pressed. An oil with an aroma of freshly cut grass, almond, fennel or unripe walnut. The format with which this product is commercialized is a 500 ml glass bottle and a box which holds it.


Praedium Kylatt: exceptional inside and out 

A few months ago, the communications agency OMA contacted Entalpia and the Rieusset team in order to attain an exclusive sleeve worthy of the product. 

The conditions for this task were: 

· 1,000 bottles: it was to be a product with a short run. 
· Color diversity: the design included color diversity: blue (present in different shades) and gold as the predominant colors. 
· Covering the product entirely: it was necessary to use a quality sleeve capable of covering all of the product. 


What did we do?

With all this, we at Rieusset decided to use digital printing technology

If you are new to our blog, or for whatever reason you still don’t know about the incorporation of digital technology to our activity, you can follow this link to our article digital labels for testing the market, so that you can find out more about what this technique consists of.     

In broad terms, digital printing technology allows us to: print micro-runs, create infinite variations of designs, and apply variable information for offers and/or special events. Therefore, we considered that with this technique we could provide the best solution to what was requested. 

For this reason…

· We produced an exclusive run of 1,000 sleeves for the bottles of Praedium Kylatt. 
· We supplied a high-quality sleeve capable of covering the entire bottle, taking into account that it narrows by 70% at the neck of the bottle. 
· We achieved flawless finishes on the body of the bottle as well as in the more complicated areas such as the neck, cap and the bottom part. 
· We were able to achieve the exact shades, taking into account the diversity of blues, and also, through the rotogravure technique, we were able to find the exact gold color required by the product.
· We offered a sustainable alternative, since once the product has been consumed the sleeve can be removed prior to recycling. Our process also allows to add a longitudinal pre-cut in order to make it easier for the consumer to remove the sleeve (in this case it was not applied).

One of the alternatives that this technology offers us is the possibility to provide multiple combinations of designs in the same product, and although in this concrete case it was not decided to make use of this feature, in the future it will be an additional option to be put into practice. The last case in which we implemented this was for the solidarity campaign “We are Extraordinary” of the Lanjarón water bottles where we provided 2,000 combinations of label designs for their bottles. 


Praedium Kylatt: prized inside and out 

The entire Rieusset team is proud to have participated, from our specialty area, in the elaboration of such an exceptional product as this one. Furthermore, a few days ago we received some great news: the olive oil had received a double prize.

Kylatt of the Molí d’Alcanó, had been awarded the Golden Gourmet medal in the category of Mature Light olive oils by the Associació per a la Valoració dels Productes Agrícoles (AVPA  – Association for the Evaluation of Agricultural Products) based in Paris, France. But additionally, it had also been awarded the Gold Medal in the Category Packaging 2020 by the Associació de Publicitat de Catalunya (Advertising Association of Catalonia)

Undoubtedly, two awards that highlight that the product is exceptional not only on the inside but also on the outside. 

Do you have a product that you would like to launch on the market in an original and creative way? Are you curious about finding out which application of the many solutions offered by digital technology adapts itself best to your product? Or do you simply want to stand out on the supermarket shelf? Achieve this for less than you imagine! Take the first step and contact us. The rest we will do together.