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Etiquetas para eventos y festivales

Labels for events and festivals

Events and festivals

Currently, Spain has positioned itself as a benchmark in music festivals throughout Europe. Due to the wide variety of festivals for all tastes and lifestyles, very few people end the year without having attended at least one event of this type.

We have been experiencing a “boom” in the festival market for years and this growth has gone hand in hand with the presence of beer and soft drink brands at these events. It is very common to see such brands as the official sponsors of this type of event since they have become the perfect environment where to reach consumers. As we well know, advertising is more effective when it is less intrusive. For this reason, the sponsorship of festivals is an ideal tool for creating an emotional bond with the consumers of the event without carrying out overly invasive marketing actions.


Labels for events and festivals: beer and soft drinks

On many occasions, beer and soft drink brands have wanted to go beyond sponsorship and have made special editions of their labels to promote the event – collaborations with designers, special promotions, customizations, variable designs…

Here is a compilation of some of the best event and festival labels of recent years:


Estrella Damm – Sonar 2022

 The six back labels and the bottle collar designed by Mario Eskenazi and printed by Rieusset for Estrella Damm were part of a special promotion for the well-known international music festival Sonar 2022.

Each label had a unique code on the back of the collars, and upon obtaining 30 codes and entering them on the brand’s website, the consumer could obtain a free ticket for Nathy Peluso’s inaugural concert. These labels were available in 20 and 33 cl returnable bottles from bars and restaurants in Catalonia and Andorra.

It was a complete success!



Lanjarón – Andalusia fairs 2022

Lanjarón wanted to pay a tribute to its origins by creating a special edition to join the celebration of Andalusian fairs.

There is a total of three different designs with the classic icons of Andalusian culture. These will be found on 75 cl bottles and will be launched exclusively for the Horeca channel in the cities of Granada, Seville and Malaga.

The brand also intends to promote water consumption and healthy hydration during fairs that are accompanied by summer, sun and heat.


Estrella Galicia – Tribute to the Fallas 2020

The Fallas is the most important festival in the city of Valencia, an event that takes place every year from 14 to 19 March. This is a unique festival that is part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO.

The well-known Estrella Galicia beer brand wanted to pay tribute to it in 2020, for the ninth consecutive year, with a special edition of its labels that was distributed to bars and restaurants in the Levante area.

The design of these labels is inspired by the popular “Nit del foc”, which is celebrated in the early hours of March 18th and offers a fireworks display that is unique in the world.


Estrella Galicia – Tribute to the Balearic Islands 2019

 Estrella Galicia is known for the special editions it launches every year in different parts of the country. One of the best known and applauded ones was the tribute to the Balearic Islands in the summer of 2019.

The brand launched a special edition with a design inspired by the greatest treasure of this autonomous community: the sea. The labels on the 33 cl returnable bottles represent the nautical charts of the islands. A very original design, with a striking color combination, which captures the attention of consumers and, without a doubt, reaches the hearts of the Balearic Islands.

The brand continues to be committed to making a difference through its bottles, with designs that surprise its consumers.



Coca Cola – The Festival Bottle 2017

 One of the biggest success stories of labels for events and festivals was that of Coca Cola in 2017. A campaign carried out by the McCann Bucharest advertising agency.

The brand wanted to reconnect and get closer to the younger target audience in Romania and for this it launched a special edition transforming its traditional labels into access bracelets to some of the main music festivals in the country.

Each bracelet had a unique barcode. Through an app, the code had to be scanned to find out if the bracelet/label was a winner. If it was, it could be used directly as a ticket to attend the festivals.

 There was a total of 8 different very eye-catching and original bracelet designs. The label came with a precut system that made it easy to separate the bracelet from the label.


Estrella Damm – Cruïlla 2016

The Cruïlla Festival is a music festival that takes place every July in Barcelona. It is a meeting place for performers of many different styles and is attended by thousands of people each year.

Estrella Damm is one of its official sponsors and in 2016 it launched a special edition of its labels for bars and restaurants and commissioned us to print it. The promotional label for attending Cruïlla consisted of collecting 15 beer collars with the festival’s special design to obtain a €15 discount.

The design features the official Cruïlla logo and its unique ears, which represent the wealth of Barcelona and the desire to listen to and involve the public.

Specialists in label printing for events and festivals

 At Rieusset we have more than 150 years of experience in the printing of creative labels and flexible packaging. We are specialists in printing labels for events and festivals, and specifically beer labels.

Do you want to create a special edition of your labels for the next event? Contact us, and we will advise you.

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