Spark the desire to purchase

We are currently in an increasingly competitive market. Companies and brands are constantly reinventing themselves to find a way to stand out and thus connect with the potential customer. 

Why is packaging so important? 

Some portals claim that how a product is presented to the market determines a large part of its success.

As we know very well, packaging is the container, packing, wrapping… that protects, transports and contains the product, but which has also become a valuable and essential communication tool, capable of seducing and bringing the product closer to the final consumer.

How many times have we made a purchase because the product seemed ‘attractive’? According to a study carried out by Nielsen consultancy,  70% of purchase decisions are impulsive and they are made without predetermination at the point of sale.  The same study, through a selection of ten of the most striking packaging items of 2019, determined that the improvement of the packaging design can generate an average increase of 5.5% in sales

Without a doubt, this data shows that many times we buy on impulse, which in the majority of cases is generated by the packaging. Hence the importance of working conscientiously on branding through packaging. 

As we will see further on, the leading brands on the market already use this strategy to position their products and get chosen. 

The three packaging challenges 

Once the product is on the shelf of any establishment, it faces a multitude of proposals with the same conditions. This is where the originality, innovation and creativity of the packaging play a fundamental role.

We present below the three basic challenges faced by a product’s packaging, according to the article creative Packaging: imagination and functionality. 

Challenge 1: Attracting attention.
At first, the product competes directly with those in its same condition, wherefore it must stand out in order to get chosen

Challenge 2: Being functional.
After overcoming this challenge, it is time to demonstrate that the structure of the packaging, the materials used in its composition, etc., make it easy to transport and keep safely.

Challenge 3: Being remembered. 
inally, the last challenge faced by the packaging is that of getting the consumer to remember the product and continue to buy it until it becomes its own best prescriber. 

Not all products achieve this. Therefore, in order to set yourself apart from the competition, sometimes a touch of humor and creativity is the key to success. And this is exactly what the company that created the packaging for these paint brushes has done. Do you think it meets the 3 challenges of packaging?

Source: behance.net

Attracting attention: how to overcome the first hurdle of this challenge

Keeping in mind that successfully meeting the three challenges is not an easy task, in this article we wish to place special emphasis on the first challenge: attracting attention, or in other words, developing creative packaging.  

In the design of an attractive packaging, not only the functional and productive part comes into play, but also creativity and ingenuity. Here we present two examples that prove this theory. What do you think? 

1. Created by the agency Tapsa, these jam jars give the brand an image of freshness and creativity, while evoking the identity of their product through its packaging.

Source: retrazos.es

2. The chewing gum brand Trident launched this original interactive packaging in the shape of teeth, smile and moustache which transmits the essence of the brand.

Source: lagahe.com

Good packaging starts with a good label

In recent times, the label has become something more than just a product’s calling card, since it has evolved to the point of becoming, with its design, responsible for capturing the consumer’s attention.  

In the following articles of our blog we explain why label design is so important for the packaging of our product to become successful. 

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What does Rieusset do in this regard

At Rieusset we are aware of the importance of creativity in packaging and labeling. For this reason, we have developed new solutions that anticipate and adapt themselves to market trends in order to present your product successfully.

That is why, since this past month of January, we have incorporated the latest digital technology into our activity. Through digital printing we produce all types of changes and variations in labeling. Discover the multiple solutions of digital printing in our article Digital labels for testing the market and get chosen.

Don’t wait any longer. Surprise the consumer with creative packaging and labeling!