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Packaging as ‘trending topic’

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The packaging of a product has become the protagonist throughout the entire year, but even more so on special dates. 

Have you ever asked yourself why brands change their packaging for Christmas, Saint Valentine or any other festive occasion? We know that products are the brands’ own ambassadors but how they are presented in the market is crucial for reaching the consumer. You just have to take a look at the shelves of any supermarket to realize how, from among a multitude of products, there is always one whose packaging invites us to talk about it.

So, how do we relate this aspect to certain celebrations? What happens with the packaging of the products? Why do some brands modify it for a specific moment? When it comes to assessing a product, we not only analyze what it is used for and if its characteristics comply with what we are looking for. In reality, without realizing it, we apply many more decision-making criteria, as for example, the moment in which we find ourselves. In earlier articles of our blog, we talked about the importance of Christmas packaging concretely, and we realized that often when this time of the year comes around, we as consumers choose from among different products of the same category the one which has red packaging full of Christmas spirit. Why does this happen to us? 

The effect that packaging has on us makes it possible for a product to reach us in a thousand different ways. So far in our blog we have talked many times about how packaging, containers, labels, etc., influence the sale of a product through their colors, typography, design, materials, etc., but in this article we wish to mention especially the importance of packaging when it allows us to relate the product to a moment.

The commercial opportunities generated by moments 

Just a few days away from St. Valentine’s Day – although for many, and rightly so, love should be celebrated every day of the year – how do the brands react? Following, we present a real case of how a brand has adapted its packaging to a special celebration such as St. Valentine’s Day.

We are talking about the legendary brand of French champagne Moët & Chandon. On this occasion, the brand decided to opt for packs consisting of two glasses and a transformation of their design using pink tones in its sleeve, and gold without altering the essence of its black ribbon. Elements which, without a doubt, evoke romanticism.

St. Valentine Packaging Moët & Chandon(Image source: solucionespackaging.com)

In addition to this case, other examples where we find that seasonality and/or a certain festivity play a fundamental part is Halloween. If you don’t believe it, just look at these real cases of packaging of Coca-Cola or Fanta!

Halloween Design Coca-ColaPackaging Halloween Fanta
(Image source: soluciones packaging.com)

Undoubtedly, all these examples summarize what we were saying at the beginning of this article; packaging has great value when it converts and adapts the product to the moment. And with the following examples we realize that a moment is not necessarily associated with a seasonality or festivity. It can also be related to an event. 

Throughout the past year, the Covid-19 crisis has caused many companies and/or organizations to show their most solidary side. 

This was the case with the brand of mineral water Lanjarón, by Aguas Danone. The brand decided to join the demonstrations of solidarity and pay a tribute to the key worker groups with the creation of a unique collection of 100,000 bottles. The labels depicted the main groups in this fight, accompanied by the words THANK YOU. Rieusset had the honor of participating in this solidary action, collaborating with digital printing technology, free of charge and supplying the brand with over 2,000 combinations of label design for their bottles.

Another example was the case of Cola-Cao. The containers became a solidary edition where the brand name was changed to “Thank you” (in Spanish, “Gracias”). With this, not only did they seek to pay tribute to the key worker groups, but also the benefits went to the Food Bank.

Colacao solidary packaging
 (Image source: sweetpress.com)

A trend for the present, and for the future? 

Clearly, nowadays many brands try to take advantage of the allure of certain dates and/or events to position their products and thus increase their sales. Will more and more brands join this trend? Quite probably so.  

Special occasions such as St. George’s Day, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming up in the next few months. Are you planning to personalize your packaging?

If you are thinking about joining this sales strategy, you can contact us so that together we may find the best solution of labeling and/or flexible packaging that will turn your product into a great sales opportunity. 

One of our solutions is via digital printing, since this allows us to apply all types of changes and variations in labeling with enormous advantages over conventional technology. Among these, the application of variable data for promotions and/or special events. 

The success of this trend is a fact; you don’t want to miss it. 

    If the topic of this post is of your interest and you would like to know what we can do for your brand, contact us.



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