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Our printing and finishing systems


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Rieusset, a company with a long history

Being a company with over 150 years of history not only makes us real experts in our sector, but it also demonstrates our capacity to adapt to any situation or change.

From when we began as a lithography workshop, and through incorporating photomechanical reproduction, offset printing, rotogravure… until we became the 360º service printing company that we are today, at Rieusset we have not stopped evolving, always looking for the best result for our customers’ products.

However, in this article we want to put aside our origins (you can find out about our entire trajectory in our book), in order to focus on the present. What are our current printing systems? What finishes do we offer to our clients? Find out below.


Opting for digital printing

After many years specializing in rotogravure printing, Rieusset made a big decision: to opt for digital printing. Thus, in 2019 Rieusset bought its first digital printing press to complement and combine rotogravure printing with digital printing.

This commitment allows us to adapt even more to client needs and the market in general where products have increasingly shorter life cycles and where there is more need for specific promotions and product customization.

Digital printing consists of a versatile printing system characterized by new creative possibilities and, above all, customization in product labeling and packaging.

In addition, digital printing does not require cylinders or plates to transfer the ink onto the medium, thus reducing fixed costs in short runs and with excellent print quality.

But Rieusset also promotes rotogravure printing – it has a narrow rotogravure press for shorter runs where the impact of fixed costs is usually more important – due to the multiple advantages that it entails. In addition to high print quality, printing can be done on almost any type of material combining the four-color process with direct colors for the best result for the client, being especially suitable for large print runs. Furthermore, Rieusset was one of the first companies in Spain to incorporate cylinder engraving in its own factory and currently has a new fully automated line with a high production capacity.


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Therefore, after the implementation of this new technology, Rieusset is currently able to offer digital printing and rotogravure printing, keeping in mind that a combination of both can also be done according to the client’s needs.

Thus, our printing capabilities allow us to offer the latest trends and the most innovative solutions in labels, sleeves and flexible packaging, with an excellent quality standard.


Our finishes

Once our products are printed, whether flexible packaging, labels or sleeves, we can offer our clients the range of finishes they need in order to obtain the best result in their final product.

Printing finishes

  • Varnishes: We can apply all kinds of varnishes to achieve the most creative and different finishes and textures on labels, sleeves or flexible packaging. Varnishes with a matte finish, high gloss, with a “paper touch”, “soft touch” texture, etc. We can also make combinations of different types of varnishes. One which is in highest demand due to its beautiful aesthetic finish is the contrast of glossy and matte.


  • Peel-off varnish: Among our varnishes we can highlight peel-off for paper labels. This is a varnish that allows the label to be easily removed from the container, making it ideal for promotions. For example, in those that require the use of a code that is found on the back of the label, as in the case of beer bottles. At Rieusset we have the inkjet equipment to make this type of pin code printing.

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  • Embossing: this process is applied to paper labels for beer bottles and its main function is to generate channels on the label that make it easier for the customer to remove them from the bottle in the recovery process. At the same time the embossing pattern allows to enhance the printing of the label, making it more attractive.


  • Inks: we work with different types of inks – standard, commonly used, and “special” inks for more creative finishes, such as thermochromic, phosphorescent and photoluminescent. We talked about some of them in our previous post on labeling trends.

Finishes in the delivery of the product

  • Die-cut: the labels that we print on paper can be die-cut according to the specific shape requested by the client and as defined by them, so as to stylize or stand out on their packaging. Afterwards, we serve these labels in different formats according to client request.

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  • Pre-cut: we deliver both paper and plastic pre-cut labels. Precutting plastic labels is something delicate and very complex that, together with the problems that static electricity generates in this product, can cause the labels to stick to each other. At Rieusset, we have the experience and the necessary machinery to offer a product with a high-quality guarantee, free from static electricity problems, so that the client has excellent machinability in their facilities.

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  • Rolls: this is the star format and the most demanded one in our industry, mainly in flexible packaging, since labels and sleeves are more evenly distributed between rolls and bundles. At Rieusset we can cut rolls starting from widths of 30mm.

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Flexibility, one of our strengths

Adaptation, innovation and flexibility are three of Rieusset’a pillars, which has allowed us to be a modern, up-to-date company with the ability to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Do you want to know more about our printing systems or finishes? Contact us – we will be happy to inform you about everything you need.

    If the topic of this post is of your interest and you would like to know what we can do for your brand, contact us.



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