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What is involved in making your product stand out?

Differentiating yourself from your competitors, thus generating a competitive advantage.

Increasing the opportunities to be the chosen product.

Positioning yourself in the consumer’s mind with a message that differs from the rest.

Transmitting an innovative corporate image, not just in the product.

¿Do you want your product to be the chosen one?

Contact us with no obligation and we will analyze what improvements we can make to the label or packaging of your product to make it stand out.

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    Who we are?


    We are a company that makes labels and flexible packaging for the food, drinks, hygiene, tobacco and pharmacy sectors.

    In our 150 years of experience we have adapted to the evolution of the market and our customers’ necessities.

    We work to supply tailored labeling and packaging solutions for our customers, which allow them to make their products stand out.

    How do we do it?

    By offering personalized advice that helps to make our customers’ products stand out.

    With fast and agile service based on an intelligent procurement process and consistency in delivery times.

    Sustainable from an economic standpoint as well as socially and environmentally.

    Under the philosophy of continuous improvement.

    ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, ISO 14001, FSC, OHSAS 18001 and DPG certified.

    We print using rotogravure technology,,on machines of up to 10 colors.

    We work with customer designs in our preprinting departmentwhere we also engrave our own cylinders.

    We have equipment for online promotional codification.

    We have all the machines for the finishing process required by our customers: rrewinders, reamers, guillotines, die cutters and sleeves.